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About Paradise Park

Here is everything you need to know about Paradise Park.

Where is the attraction?

Paradise Park is located close to the town of Hayle in Cornwall.

Which Parrot species do they have?

Paradise Park has over 130 species of birds. The main ones are Palm Cockatoos, Abyssian Lovebirds, Grey-brested Conures and Scarlet Macaws.

Bird of prey include Harris Hawks and Golden Eagles.

They also have goats, squirrels, pandas and otters.

How did they start?

Paradise Park was known as Bird Paradise when it was founded in 1973 by Mike and Audrey Reynolds. Their concern for conservation led them to launch the World Parrot Trust in 1983 and since then they have become a world leader in the field.

Paradise Park

Paradise Park

What events do they have?

Every day there is the opportunity to feed the Lorikeets honey and there is a free flying display of the Parrots daily too.

How can I help?

They accept donations to support the Park and you can volunteer your time.

Any other information I need to know?

They are open every day apart from Christmas Day and ticket prices cost a maximum of £17.95.

Logon to their website here for more information.

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