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About Montana Cages

About Montana Cages

Posted by Montana Cages, Parrot Cages, Parrot Cage Information on 9/1/2024

About Montana Cages

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The owners are from Germany. They realised there wasn’t any Parrot specific products in Europe, but there was in America, where they were working at a Parrot breeding station.

They began importing products from the USA, but realised they needed to start making their own, and began manufacturing in 1988.

Since then they have become famous across the globe for their high quality, workmanship and attention to detail. All their cages are finished with a special Avilon powder coating that is non-toxic.

Solid Top Cages

The Terenzo cage is suitable for breeders. When rearing young birds, this low maintenance and hygienic cage is perfect. Plus there are feeder bowls and perches in each of the four compartments that make up the cage.

Montana: High specification cages for Parrots.