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About Liberta Cages

Paul Lawrence founded Liberta in 2006 and since then have grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of Parrot cages in the country.

They produce cages for all size of Parrot, in a range of styles.

Liberta Cages have two editions of cage available, first and second edition. The second edition of cages have been endorsed by The World Parrot Trust, but they all have useful features for you to enjoy, including wheels, high quality fixtures and fittings, seed catchers and more.

Liberta Cages

It was in 2014 that Liberta’s second edition cages were formally endorsed by The World Parrot Trust. The cages that are endorsed come with a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure they’re genuine.

Second edition cages have stronger locks, thicker bars and frame, a tool kit and instructions so you can quickly assemble the cage, higher quality, non-toxic paint finishes.  

Small Bird Cages

The Lotus Tall Cage is best for smaller birds like Cockatiels and Lovebirds. You can replace the feeders (of which there are four) from outside the cage, plus there is a swing, three perches and a pull out tray. And it’s all finished with a non toxic paint and a secure base. 

Liberta Cages

The Jing Cage has similar features, which include three wooden perches, a large front door that has the option of a smaller door if needed, pull out tray and four feeding bowls, so you can access them from the outside without stressing your Parrot.

The Siam is a useful cage too. 

The Jintu Cage has a penthouse section at the top, so lots of room for your Parrot. The secure and comfortable cage has three perches, swing, two large doors and four feeding bowls.

The Missouri Cage has two feeding dishes, three perches and a large drop down front door your bird may like to use as a landing platform and perches. Fix a perch across the open top section so your Parrot can perch and survey the world around them.


The Guyana Stand also has all these fabulous features. 

Liberta Cages 

Open Top Cages

The popular Voyager Cage is ready to buy in an antique or stone colour. The open top section gives your bird plenty of room to move around, play with toys and sleep happily.

Features inside the cage are three wood perches, three swing out feeder doors, slide out tray and rolling castors.

The Gama offers plenty of space. 

The Enterprise is a renowned cage. 

The Cuba Open Top lets you choose between having a play top or open top section, so your Parrot has lots of room to play. 

The Apollo is very spacious.  

The Atlantis is ideal for bigger birds. 

The Stamford 1 Cage is perfect for smaller Parrots, giving them loads of space to climb, perch and play. Simply open the lid and attach toys and materials to it. 

The Ara 2 gives your Parrot lots of freedom to play at the top of the cage. 

The Cortes Cage has three perches and feeder doors too, along with metal bowls, slide out tray and grille.

Liberta Cages

Play Top Cages

The delightful Discovery Cage is ready to buy in an antique colour too. Like all the play top cages, the dedicated gym section has lots of space for your Parrot to play and exercise, useful when space is at a premium, plus wood perches, swing out feeder doors, slide out tray and wheels so you can move it wherever you need to go.

The Cambridge Cage is available in a stone or antique colour. This cage boasts three feeders inside the cage and two on the playtop, two perches inside the cage and one on the playtop, sliding out tray and grilles and rolling castors.

Liberta Cages

Solid Top Cages

The Raleigh Corner Cage makes use of the corners in your home, thanks to the efficient corner design.

The wonderful features of this design include two wood perches, four swing out feeders, rolling wheels, slide out trays and metal castors. Available in a stone or antique colour.

The Madiera Double Cage lets two Parrots live side by side together and has a grille, tray, castors and swing out doors. 

The roomy Castello 1 also has space for two Parrots to live in happily. 

The Alaska is a handy corner shape.

The Endeavour Cage is only available in an antique colour. You can divide it in the middle if you want to house two Parrots or give your single Parrot plenty of room. Plus it has rolling castors, two perches, swig out feeder doors and metal bowls.

Liberta Cages

Liberta Cages: The finest and high specification Parrot cages with many endorsed by the international Parrot charity.

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