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About Liberta Cages

About Liberta Cages

Posted by Liberta Cages, Liberta Cage Types, Parrot Cages, Parrot Care on 9/1/2024

Paul Lawrence founded Liberta in 2006 and since then have grown to become one of the biggest suppliers of Parrot cages in the country.

They produce cages for all size of Parrot, in a range of styles.

Liberta Cages have two editions of cage available, first and second edition. The second edition of cages have been endorsed by The World Parrot Trust, but they all have useful features for you to enjoy, including wheels, high quality fixtures and fittings, seed catchers and more.

It was in 2014 that Liberta’s second edition cages were formally endorsed by The World Parrot Trust. The cages that are endorsed come with a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure they’re genuine.

Second edition cages have stronger locks, thicker bars and frame, a tool kit and instructions so you can quickly assemble the cage, higher quality, non-toxic paint finishes.

Small Bird Cages

The Folding Travel Cage lets you transport your Parrot safely.


The Guyana Stand also has all these fabulous features.


The Atlantis is ideal for bigger birds.

The Alaska is a handy corner shape.

The Cortes is a roomy cage. 

The Voyager is perfect for medium to large Parrots. 

The Cambridge and Gama have additional spaces. 

Liberta Cages: The finest and high specification Parrot cages with many endorsed by the international Parrot charity.