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About King’s Cages

King’s Cages are the most highly demanded cage brand the world over by Parrot owners just like you!

 Northern Parrots are extremely pleased to be able to offer King’s Cages to the UK pet bird keeping community. Not only are we bringing you the opportunity to once again purchase the best money can buy, we are proud to also offer the added choice of aluminium cages too. 

King's Cages

King’s Cages are known worldwide for the quality of their durable, non-toxic powder coated finish and you can expect nothing less with their original range – excellence as standard – that’s real value!

King’s Cages come with their patented bird-proof lock, large cage doors for easy access, long lasting ball bearing castors and combination of horizontal and vertical bars. They are guaranteed zinc and lead free and have no sharp edges, weak welds or converging bars.

Travel Cages

What could be better than travelling in style with a safe, lightweight & strong large King’s Aluminium Travel Cage. As with the Aluminium Cages there is no more chipping or flaking paint.
There is also small available. 

King's Cages

Designed and made to the high standards expected by your very own King or Queen!

You can buy spare parts for all the cages.

There is a round Tabletop stand and a play stand.  

King’s Cages Supplements

Rainforest Mist is available for Greys and AmazonsCockatoos and Macaws and Small Birds. It works by soothing skin, conditioning feathers, promoting bright new plumage and reducing feather plucking. 

But for the most revolutionary feather plucking remedy of all, try Pluck No More. It’s a safe homeopathic remedy that’s water based with no alcohol. Parrots have stopped or reduced their plucking behaviour within a few weeks using this treatment. 

King's cages

Feather Shine Shampoo, as the name suggests, gives feathers back their sheen. 

No Chew stops chewing.

Buy Pluck No More and Feather Shine Shampoo in a handy combo pack

King’s Renew Shampoo helps rejuvenate feathers.

King’s Cages: Built on Quality.

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