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About Kaytee Exact

About Kaytee Exact

Posted by Kaytee Exact Parrot Food, Kaytee Hand Feeding Formula, Kaytee Small Animal Bedding on 22/1/2024

Kaytee Exact has been the recognised nutritional leader by avian veterinarians and breeders since its introduction in 1989.

Kaytee Exact is developed by the nutritional experts at the Kaytee Avian Educational Centre, established to enhance people’s knowledge and enjoyment of birds through education, conservation and research.

Complete Food

Kaytee Exact Rainbow is a 100% complete food for your bird.

There is also aytee Exact Rainbow Chunky. Pictured on the bag is Maccadu (Scarlet Macaw) who lives at the company with Harley (Umbrella Cockatoo). Both birds simply love their Rainbow Chunky. This is available in a 2.5lb and 20lb bag too.

exact for Parrots

The handy sized bags are resealable, meaning you can keep the freshness locked in until the very last bite! Alternatively you can refrigerate or freeze Kaytee Rainbow for extended use.

For many bird keepers the joy of breeding your birds is unrivalled. Kaytee’s range of breeder diets and hand rearing feeds has been at the core of countless successes.

There is also Kaytee Exact Rainbow Food for Cockatiels, giving your smaller bird all the nutrition they need too.

Breeding and Handfeeding Food

Experienced breeders who wish to hand rear Parrots should look no further than Kaytee Exact Handfeeding Formulas.

A nutritious diet for hand-feeding baby birds, made through a special process which produces an instant formula with low bacteria levels.

The high nutrition formula helps baby birds grow faster, wean earlier and develop better, brighter plumage.

Available in a resealable 5lb bag for Macaws and a 5lb, 8lb and 22lb tub for all other Parrots.


Kaytee Bird Greens contain a natural blend of vegetables like chia seed, sweet potato and kale. Sprinkle them over your bird’s diet or use as a foraging treat. Also available in a case.

Kaytee bedding keeps small animals cosy.

Northern Parrots are the sole UK importer of Kaytee ensuring a consistent supply, and as each batch is made to our requirements we can promise you the freshest product available.

Kaytee Exact: For a healthier Parrot