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About Johnson’s

Find out more about the Johnson’s brand. 

Johnson’s was founded in 1921 as a supplier of poultry products under the name Johnsons Brother. They were an immediate hit so they quickly expanded to start making products for birds, cats and dogs. They also began developing a range of over the counter pet care products and treats.
Business went so well that a special centre had to be built in the West Midlands and this remains today.


Johnson’s Treats

The Johnsons treats come in a variety of flavours, like honey and nut, and in a multitude of exciting shapes, like hoops, sticks and bars. No matter what the style, they still attach easily to your Parrot’s cage or play stand.


Treats are the perfect way to show your Parrot how much you love them, as a reward for good behaviour or as a food for your bird to locate in a foraging toy.
 The treat seed bars simply fasten to your Parrot’s cage or play stand. It’s filled with many of your Parrot’s favourite things, like honey, nuts and cereals.

Available in a case too.
Bell shaped treats come in a myriad of flavours too and are bursting with other ingredients like sunflower seeds, peanuts, currents and honey. 

There is the bumper seed bell  

Also available in a case

Johnson’s: Wholesome treats for Parrots and wild birds.

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