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About Jelly Cups

Jelly Cups were launched in 2012 by ZooFaria in a pet shop in the Netherlands. It quickly became apparent that customers and Parrots loved them and their popularity spread across the continent.

Jelly Cups
Jelly Cups

Since their introduction Jelly Cups have only become more and more adored by Parrots everywhere.

All the Jelly Cup Parrot Jellies work in the same way; simply peel off the lid and hand one to your Parrot or place the Jelly  Cup in the special designated holder.

Your Parrot can be given a selection of Jelly Cups with the 6 or 24 pack of Assorted Jelly Cups. It contains a mixture of the strawberry, banana, orange, honey, yoghurt and melon flavoured jelly treats.

Jelly Cups: The extra special way to reward your pet bird or Parrot. 

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