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About Jelly Cups

Jelly Cups were launched in 2012 by ZooFaria in a pet shop in the Netherlands. It quickly became apparent that customers and Parrots loved them and their popularity spread across the continent.

Jelly Cups logo

Since their introduction Jelly Cups have only become more and more adored by Parrots everywhere. New flavours have been introduced, holders for the cups have been launched along with other delicious treats and feeding dishes.

All the Jelly Cup Parrot Jellies work in the same way; simply peel off the lid and hand one to your Parrot or place the Jelly  Cup in the special designated holder.

Jelly Cups Food

There are four flavours of Jelly Cups in total, which are banana, honey, orange and yoghurt. They are fun to eat and extremely tasty.

Your Parrot can be given a selection of Jelly Cups with the 6 or 24 pack of Assorted Jelly Cups. It contains a mixture of the strawberry, banana, orange, honey, yoghurt and melon flavoured jelly treats.

There is an assorted pack of six jelly cups which contain a mixture of the strawberry, banana, melon, honey and yoghurt treats plus a holder. 

Jelly Cups

Jelly Cups

Jelly Cups Goji Berries contain high amounts of Vitamin A that helps your bird maintain good eyesight and antioxidants that reduce cell damage. Dried fruits such as these have had their nutritional value preserved and can be stored for longer, making them more useful than fresh fruits.

Jelly Cup Feeding Dishes

One way your bird can enjoy eating their Jelly Cups is by using a Twin Holder with Mirror. As the name suggests there are two holders that can be filled with Jelly Cups, treats or anything else your Parrot enjoys eating. 

Also on the plastic holder is a mirror. This has three ridged edges to allow your bird to grip and turn the mirror whenever they like. Your Parrot can never resist a cheeky look at their own reflection, although some many use it to support their preening routine!

The holder is at a clever angle, which means it can be wedged between the bars of your bird’s cage until it fastens tightly into place. The perch is located at an angle that makes it really easy for the bird to access the cup holders, and if they can’t get to it immediately, they can rotate the holders until they do.

Jelly  Cup Toys

The Foraging Fruit Rack is made from tough Java wood. The toy is shaped like a barrel and has a myriad of hollows cut into it, with one hole drilled all the way through the toy. 

Food can be pushed into each of the hollows and it keeps Parrots busy as they work at going hole to hole retrieving their rewards.

One suggestion for adding to the fruit rack is the Mixed Fruit Jellies. 

Jelly Cups: The extra special way to reward your pet bird or Parrot. 

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