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About Java

About Java

Posted by Java Tree, Parrot Stands and perches, Natural Parrot Products on 22/1/2024

Java harvest all the wood they use in their products using only environmentally friendly methods from their source in Indonesia. The bark is extracted from the tree and then each branch is sanded and baked for approximately four weeks. Allowing it to bake for a month creates a tough and good looking perching surface as well as sanitising and seasoning the wood.

As each one is individually produced, all Java products are unique. When they are ready each one is specifically chosen for a particular species of Parrot. There is always a range of sizes and shapes to choose from though.

Java produces stands that are safe for your Parrot to play in.


There are five different styles of Java tree available, two are stands and two are playstands.

Trees are debarked and hand sanded before going on sale. It’s then matched to a handcrafted wood base. A feeding bowl is included with the trees.

The playstand is available in a medium or large size and the stand is available in a medium or large size.

Java: Natural Parrot products made from tough java wood.