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About F10

About F10

Posted by F10 Disinfectant, cleaning your Parrot's cage, disinfecting your Parrot’s cage on 8/4/2018

F10 products are some of the most effective products that you can use to clean your Parrot’s cage and keep your bird free from disease, without posing any more additional risk to your bird. Vets, bird keepers and breeders all recommend it. Plus it’s been approved by DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and passed all Standard International Tests.

As well as disinfecting a disinfecting your Parrot’s cage, it eliminates viruses, fungi, bacteria, MRSA, spores, parvovirus and bird flu from it. It has dilution rates from 1:250 to 1:500, so is perfect as a basic cleaner or disinfectant. It works by fogging complete rooms, enabling it to reach hard to access crevices and the air around the room.

You can use F10 when your Parrot is still in their cage because it has an EU zero hazard rating. F10 is non corrosive so can be used on delicate skin and equipment if needed. When your bird is in a sensitive state, use F10 to get rid of infected material to prevent cross contamination if you are housing birds together in close proximity.

F10 Products

The pack of disinfectant wipes are suitable to use around any species of Parrot.
They don’t irritate or corrode the area your Parrot lives, instant they work quickly to destroy viruses, fungi and bacteria. They’re biodegradable too.

Super concentrate F10 disinfectant is ready for sale in a 1 litre or 100 millilitre bottle. You should always have this handy when you need to disinfect your hands, bird cage, perch, toys, floors, kitchen surfaces, chopping boards, feeding dishes, in fact just about anywhere your bird might go or has gone.

F10’s super concentrate disinfectant and cleanser is also appropriate to use all around your home, around all species of pet bird or Parrot. It’s just as safe and effective as the ordinary strength disinfectant. It has added detergent to shorten the process of cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces.

The Avian Disinfectant Ready To Use Spray can be used around your home.

The Avian Disinfectant can be used on most surfaces.

Wipes are ideal for cleaning liquids.

Use the Avian Disinfectant Cleanser to clean and disinfect practically any surface.

The Hand Foam, Hand Gel and Hand Scrub keep hands clean.

F10: The easy and effective way to keep your Parrot’s cage clean.