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About Bucktons

About Bucktons

Posted by Bucktons Parrot Food, Budgie Food, Number 1 Parrot Food, on 19/1/2024


Bucktons was founded with the name George Bucktons and Sons Co. Ltd in Hull over 200 years ago as a general merchant.

After the First World War ended in 1918, Bucktons was taken over by the Hutchinson family. In the 1960’s the Hutchinson’s decided to focus solely on producing food for pigeon and pet bird owners. This decision proved to be the right one and the company has grown rapidly since that point.

The demand for high quality seed mixes has never wavered and they consistently produce high quality products.

In 1995 Bucktons was taken over once again, this time by Cranswick Pet Products.

They kept the Bucktons name and continued to produce only the finest seed mixes for all species of Parrot, Budgerigar and Finch.

Today, Bucktons seed and seed mixes are as delicious as they two centuries ago. Their products are made in pre-pack and bulk sacks with lots of tasty ingredients most birds and Parrots love.


The Buckton’s Elite Parrot Food is packed full with over 20 wholesome, delicious ingredients to give your Parrot optimum nutrition. The reduced sunflower seed makes them even healthier for your Parrot. All birds except Canaries and Budgies can tuck into this food. Available as a 12.75kg bag.

The Number 1 Parrot Food is a traditional mix.

Bucktons introduced a new range of Parrot food in late 2015. Spiralife is only found in Bucktons food and has lots if important nutrients that enhance your bird’s plumage, is a source of calcium that birds need for strong bones and beak, aids the immune and digestive systems, protects against cell damage and helps your Parrot maintain good vision and skin.

There is Bucktons with spirulina just for Budgies and for all other Parrots.

Bucktons: Delicious and nutritious seed mixes.