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About Avian Specific

Avian Specific is a range of seed mixes by Bartholomew’s.

Avian Specific

They have worked for many years to create recipes that specifically cater for individual species of Parrot.


The Deluxe Seed Mix 12.5kg has 20 different different Parrots adore.

The Colonels Deluxe is fun to find in foraging toys.

Colonels Tropical has a delightful tangy flavour.

Colonels Tropical Seed Mix

AS25 Avian Specific has been specially designed for Macaws and African Greys.

The AS45 has been designed for Conures and similar sized birds.

The AS10 is for Cockatoos and Poicephalus.

AS5 is for Amazon and Pionus Parrots.

AS20 is for Amazons, Cockatoos and more.

Avian Specific: A range of food developed by Bartholomew’s.

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