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Parrot Harnesses provide a fun way for you to interact with your bird away from the safety of your home. You can use a harness with a leash to take your Parrot for a walk or to allow them to stretch their wings, and with the right harness your bird can even fly. Harnesses are softer than leg chains so are a better choice for your Parrot.


Using a harness allows your bird to fly without the risk of them flying away. Learning to fly is the most complicated and important task a Parrot can learn, but once it's mastered your companion will be healthier, more active, fitter and more co-ordinated.


Flying might even help with everything from self-confidence and self-esteem to sociability and intelligence. Being able to take your bird outdoors to fly allows your Parrot to benefit from natural sunlight and the full spectrum of lighting, just what your Parrot needs to improve their health and wellbeing.


Northern Parrots offer the best collection of harnesses for your Parrot right here.


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