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About Paradise Toys

Published on Friday, 13th January 2017
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Paradise Toys were established in 1992 and ever since that time they have been at the forefront of innovations in pet product technology. They have offer a huge choice of Parrot toys in all kinds of styles that are always of the highest quality. There are toys for most size and species of Parrot.

Plus, Paradise produces a small selection of Parrot travel cages and accessories.

Paradise Toys also produce Creative Foraging Systems, a range of reusable foraging toys that enrich a Parrot’s life with their different puzzles to solve. Creative Foraging Systems Toys have always been at the cutting edge of Parrot toys too.


Great care goes into choosing the materials of every Paradise Toy and a lot of thought into their design so that they’re as safe as possible for your bird. The cardboard products don’t contain any glue and any products made with white pine are coloured using vegetable dye so it won’t harm your bird.

Materials used in the toys include sisal, cotton, leather, cardboard, stainless steel and plated nickel.

There is a Paradise product to suit every Parrot, including toy-making parts, foot toys and foraging toys.

Paradise also manufactures travel cages, perches, stands and feeding dishes.

Travel Cages

The Perch and Go Carrier is a handy, transparent travel cage to ensure your Parrot has a good view of their environment when they’re on the move and you can keep a close watch on your Parrot. 

It’s an extremely strong yet lightweight carrier. It’s been designed to have an even air flow so that your Parrot stays ventilated. The outside of it has back and front doors made from stainless steel, therefore the whole cage is easy for you to clean.

The inside of the carrier has a textured perch and there are holes inside so the height of the perch can be changed.  
The Window Perch & Parrot Play Centre means your Parrot can enjoy playtime and feeding time from the same place. 
The Percher Parrot Stand is a specially designed training perch that supports you and your Parrot. It protects your hand from bites during any challenging training sessions that occur whilst yourbird is on the perch. 

The Percher can be used almost anywhere and is quickly assembled into seven different designs. The Percher has five legs so it stays stable and won’t move when your bird sits on it.


Feeding Dishes

The Seed Corral No Mess Bird Feeder cuts down on the mess that your bird makes when eating.

It has a transparent design to enable your bird to see what they’re eating.  You need to fill up the rear section of the toy with your bird’s food and then wait for your Parrot to come and sit on the wood perch inside the Corral and eat. All the crumbs your Parrot drops are collected inside the Corral, either in the main section or the backup section.

The metal hangers on the Seed Corral clip onto the bars of your Parrot’s cage easily. It’s also simple to clean once it becomes too messy.

The Less Mess Combo Feeder fastens securely to your Parrot's cage using the strong clip provided. The twin sections prevent mess and food from going all over the cage. 
Foot Toys and Chews

Now your bird can have their own chewable wooden pencil to play with, which is far safer than any ordinary pencil. It is a large or small size.

The Loofah Disk Foot Toy has lots of textures for your bird to explore, wood, loofah and sisal. Your bird can work at untying the knots in it and it's fun to chew. 

Acrylic and Metal Toys

The Baffle Cage isn’t actually a cage at all, it’s a fun foraging toy which you can fill with your Parrot’s most loved items like food or treats.

It’s made from stainless steel with gaps, so your Parrot is going to have to break down what’s inside before they get them out. It’s accessed from most angles helping to keep Parrots active.  The Baffle Cage comes in a small or large size.

Chewable Foraging Toys

The Shred and Spin Box has tons of materials for your Parrot to chew and shred on its outside. The brightly coloured materials and lolly sticks hides a natural vine ball, where more of your Parrot’s favourite goodies can be hidden.



You can fasten it at different angles to create a bridge or swing. Each metal chain has wooden slats and beads to chew and there are spaces in the wheel to hide treats for your bird to find.
Toy-Making Parts
Make your own toy or refurbish existing toys with a toy-making part. Spending time together building improves the relationship and cements the bond between you and your Parrot too.  

The Pack of 29 Wooden Slats are brightly coloured and easy to chew. They are medium sized so most species of Parrot can enjoy them.

are packaged in packs of 6 and are a vital toy-making part because they are used to fasten your bird’s toys to their cage or play gym. All you need to do is unscrew them, hook them through a chain and then screw them back up tight again.

are another practical way for you to fasten your bird’s toys onto their cage or play stand. 

There are 16 Colourful Wood Dowels in each toy pack. The four inch cylinders have holes predrilled inside them where you can add treats you know your Parrot will work for.  
But there are 100 Ice Lolly Sticks to use in the Wooden Ice Lolly Stick pack. The chewable sticks are all vivid colours to attract your Parrot’s attention.

Colourful Wooden Cubes come in a small or large pack. The larger cubes have nine in each pack and the smaller cubes have 15 in each pack. These are already pre-drilled with holes to make attaching them to other toys a lot easier for you.

Coloured Wood Wheels come in varying quantities depending on their size. The smaller Wooden Wheels are in packs of 20, the larger Wooden Wheels in packs of 8 and there is a pack of 18 medium sized Wood Wheels too.

Again Wood Wheels have holes pre drilled into their centre so they quickly fasten onto other toys. 

There are many different sizes of Wood Beads. All beads have large central holes where they can be threaded onto rope or chain and are the ideal size for hiding in foraging devices as a non-edible reward, although they are extremely chewable as the wood is soft.

The ½” Wood Beads are in packs of 24.

There is a selection of plastic beads too. Multi-coloured Plastic Beads come in packs of 60

Like wooden beads, Plastic Beads have holes in the centre so they can be threaded together with other chewables, giving your Parrot’s beak plenty to explore.

The Leather Rope Strip, 1/8” by 120,” is long enough to be cut down into any size you want. It works best at fastening new wooden blocks or plastic blocks onto existing toys.

Alternatively buy the ¼” by 120” Leather Strip.

The Pack of 5 Plastic Chains are wonderfully colourful and ideal at attaching other toy-making parts to a toy.

As you’ve seen when they’ve been found on other toys, Wiffle Balls are a versatile toy-making part. Teach your Parrot how to fetch or throw the ball so you can play with one another or push treats through the holes in the wiffle balls to encourage your bird to forage for their reward, just as they would do in the wild. Wiffle balls are in packs of 6

The Large ABC Wood Blocks have different pictures on them to keep your Parrot’s interest as they play with them.

Colourful Wood Spools are available in packs of 16. Using the holes in them you can thread them onto other toys or create a brand new one for your bird. 

Wood and Rope Toys

If you have a small bird you might like the Beaded Triangle Small Bird Toy. The unique triangle shape offers lots of chewing and preening opportunities.

The preenable cotton rope has been fastened through the six holes in the triangle base and at the end of the rope lies chewable wooden beads.

The Popsicle Sticks Parrot Toy has many brightly coloured lolly sticks that move around, just as its name suggests.

The sticks are one of six different colours that are eye-catching to your Parrot. All of them move so gripping them is more of a challenge than they might expect.

In between each lolly stick are wooden balls, giving Parrots even more to chew on and there is even soft cotton rope, another beak-wateringly good texture for your bird to explore.

The Knots 'n Block Toy has layers of coloured wood to chew on and cotton and sisal rope to undo and preen with. 

Northern Parrots are the sole UK importer of these products from the Paradise brand, ensuring a consistent supply.
2022 Toys
Your smaller Parrot can shoot hoops with the Basket Ball.

The Spinning Wheel lets smaller birds go foraging.

The Chew Ring, Chew and Ball and Diamond Drop have masses of wood for chewing on.

Your Parrot can enjoy their food from the Feeding Bowl.

The medium and large Knots and Slats have lots to preen and chew.

The Vivid Ringlet, Loofa Side, Crunchy Pouch of Straws, Double Grass Cups, Woven Grass Slats, Woven Grass Slats Large and Corn Husk Sandwich  have an array of natural materials for your Parrot to explore.

The Clothes Pins can be used to renovate toys.


Paradise Toys:  The highest quality Parrot toys that keep birds occupied for a long time. 

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