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About Liz Wilson

Published on Sunday, 2nd October 2011
Filed under Avian Articles

We're extremely sorry to hear that Liz Wilson passed away on Saturday 13th April 2013.

Liz lived and worked with Parrots for nearly 50 years and dedicated her life to improving avian knowledge and care.

She was a talented author and speaker and we were privileged to have her write for us for a number of years.


Liz Wilson lived and worked with Parrots for over forty-five years. 

She worked for twenty years as a certified veterinary technician specializing in avian and exotic animal nursing and another 20 years as an IAABC-certified Parrot behaviour consultant.


Her greatest love was always Parrots and consequently, she shared her home with them for more than forty-five years. Her long-time feathered companion was a 60+-year-old female Blue and Gold Macaw named Sam, who shared Liz's life for 40 years.

Liz Wilson gained recognition internationally as a Parrot behaviour consultant thanks to her seminars, freelance writing and consultations with Parrot owners. An experienced and entertaining speaker, she lectured extensively at avian veterinary conferences, avicultural conferences, companion Parrot conferences, and bird clubs both here and in Europe.

She was a regular contributor to BIRD TALK and BIRDS USA, and numerous other Parrot magazines over the years and she wrote BIRD TALK’s “Parrot Psychology” column since 2001. In addition, she wrote numerous articles for veterinary magazines, journals and proceedings. Liz also has eight veterinary textbook chapters to her credit, writing for such excellent publications as Orosz’s Manual of Avian Medicine, Harrison’s Avian Veterinary Compendium and Luescher’s Manual of Parrot Behaviour.

Actively concerned with the plight of homeless Parrots, she served on the steering committees and/or board of directors of several Parrot education and rehoming organizations over the years and she also served as the education vice president of the Phoenix Landing Foundation (www.phoenixlanding.org).

Concerned also with teaching others to work with Parrot behaviour, Liz founded the Parrot Division of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (www.iaabc.org) and remained active with that organization for many years.

In addition to her Parrot behaviour work, Wilson was an adjunct faculty member in the veterinary technician department at Harcum College in Bryn Mawr, PA for many years.  She also worked for several years with wildlife rehabilitation at the Aark Rehabilitation and Education Center (www.aark.org) in Newtown, Pennsylvania and served on their board. She achieved a degree in elementary education and psychology from DePauw University and an associate science degree from Harcum College.


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