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About Bird Kabobs

Published on Friday, 7th October 2016
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Parrots of every species and size can enjoy the natural Bird Kabobs products.  They are made from renewable agave (cactus wood) that is also sustainable.

As the wood is relatively soft, it’s perfect for Parrots to chew on and shred. For Parrots with an even bigger appetite for chewing there are bigger versions of a selection of the toys. These have a tough outer bark and softer wood inside them.

Many of the toys retain their natural colour, whilst others have been dyed in bird safe materials to make them colourful and attract a bird’s attention even more.

As Northern Parrots are the only UK importer of Bird Kabobs, you’re guaranteed a consistent supply of some of the finest Parrot toys available.

Bird Kabobs
The centrepiece of the Bird Kabob range is the aptly named Bird Kabob. The shreddable chunks of cactus wood are placed on top of one another in one stack. These are a multitude of sizes, including mini, standard and mucho grande, so something to fit every size of Parrot feet and beak. 

Once you’ve hung a Bird Kabob up in your Parrot’s cage, your Parrot can chew on the different chunks of cactus wood, shred the myriad of pieces or climb around and swing on the toy, which is all great fun.
The Ole range of Bird Kabobs toys are just as appealing to your Parrot. Both the junior and the senior toys have holes pre-cut into them to get birds started on their shredding adventure. The inner core is just begging to be shredded to pieces but first birds must negotiate the outer layer of sturdy bark. 

Chewing on this bark keeps beaks healthy and trim.

Other Toys
You can keep your Parrot distracted whilst you get on with other important tasks by handing your bird a Bird Kabob Parrot Chip. The agave has been cut into lots of different shapes and sizes. Your bird is sure to have hours of fun getting to grips with the assortment of designs available. 

Thread these chips onto other toys to rejuvenate your bird’s current toys.
Small Pet Products
If you own other small animals, such as mice and rabbits, there are Bird Kabob toys for these furry critters.

The Rat Roost Woodchew Playnest has a similar idea. Rats must chew through both layers of the fibrous wood in order to form their own hut that they could have hours of adventure in.

Finally the Mouse Chew House Woodchew Playnest has the combination of strong outer wood and easier to chew wood on the inside. Mice’s teeth are sure to stay nice and trim after playing with this toy.

Bird Kabobs: Fun chewable and shreddable Parrot toys. 

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