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Delight your Small Macaw with our curated selection of toys, thoughtfully chosen to spark joy and stimulate their keen minds. Designed for Small Macaws like Noble and Hahns, our foraging toys challenge them to tap into their natural instincts, preventing boredom and promoting healthy behaviours. From durable, reusable foraging toys made of acrylic or metal to chewable options that hide treats inside, we have something to keep your Parrot intrigued.


Dive into the fun of DIY with our toy-making parts to create or refresh toys, making playtime a bonding experience. Our varied toy packs ensure your Small Macaw has endless options to explore, while speech training devices encourage communication skills, adding to their mental and physical agility. Swings, climbing toys and foot toys provide essential exercise, and our range of chewable and shreddable toys caters to their need to gnaw and shred, satisfying their sensory exploration with every peck and pull.


Always supervise your Small Macaw during playtime to ensure they're safe while having fun.


Explore our selection and find the perfect mix of toys for Small Macaws, designed to enrich their day-to-day life with laughter, learning, and endless entertainment.