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All our toys for your Small Conure keep your bird entertained and stimulated for a long time.


Parrots naturally forage for food in the wild and this instinct never leaves them. As a result you need to give your Small Conure lots of foraging toys, both reusable and chewable, to encourage your bird to work for their food.


Choose how hard you want your Small Conure’s foraging challenge to be, as there are toys with simple puzzles up to more complex tasks. Both are sure to get your Parrot thinking however!


With chewable foraging toys, your Small Conure can chew their way through the toys to retrieve their prize, whereas with reusable foraging toys, the aim is to move or slide parts to uncover their reward. There are refill packs of paper and other parts available for the most popular foraging toys to enable your Parrot’s fun to continue for hours.


You’ll find lots of chewable toys in our Small Conure toy packs, along with other entertaining toys. There are approximately half a dozen toys in each toy pack to give your Parrot plenty of enjoyment.


Foot toys are another style of chewable toy. As they are small and lightweight, they are easy for your Small Conure to carry around in their nails or beak. The process of moving the toy around keeps Small Conures, like those from the Pyrhurra Conure family, fit and chewing on the toy after their exercise is over helps your bird maintain a healthy and trim beak.


There are lots of toys, made from lots of different things Small Conures enjoy chewing on. There are willow and palm toys, coconut and cactus toys, cardboard and paper toys and wood and rope. Cardboard and paper toys are perfect for shredding as well as chewing. As the toys are shredded, they make a ripping sound Small Conures love.


If you’d like your Small Conure to be physically and mentally stimulated, introduce them to our swings and activity toys. Get your Parrot’s brain working as they master the art of using colours, shapes and numbers, talking, basketball and stacking. And again, this precious time spent between you and your bird learning this new skill will have a positive impact on your relationship.


Some swings and climbing toys are made from rope, so they’re easier for your Small Conure to walk and fly on. Let your bird swing, climb, rock and bounce all over the toys for maximum amusement.


To make sure your Small Conure has rope or cardboard as part of their toy, build your own with our toy-making parts or refurbish existing Small Conure Toys. Parts you can use to construct your own fun include leather strips, blocks and bells. Spending time with your feathered friend constructing your own toy helps to cement the bond between you and your bird too.


Acrylic and metal toys aren’t as chewable, these tough and reusable toys are used more frequently as reusable foraging toys instead.


Our bells and musical toys can rattle and ring out all year round. Show your Small Conure, like the popular Green Cheeked Conure, how they work, and then your bird can try them out for themselves and create lots of noise, something they love to do. Toys jingle and shake as your Parrot plays with them to add to their fun.


Please supervise your Small Conure whilst they are playing with any of their toys.


Buy a toy to cater for your Small Conure’s every requirement right here.