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The Aviator Parrot Harness - Petite

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Thinking outside the cage - the importance of flight.

Last updated on 19th July 2019
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Learning to fly well is the most complicated and important task a Parrot can learn. Your companion will be healthier, more active, fitter and more co-ordinated. Flying helps with everything from self-confidence and self-esteem to sociability and intelligence.

The Aviator Harness is

* The Only Harness designed to allow flight - the self adjusting lead slides from the chest to the back as the bird climbs and turns. Lead is elasticated to prevent injury if the bird flies to the end of the lead.

* The Only Escape Proof Harness - one piece construction, no buckles or clips for the bird to undo or break, wrist loop to prevent dropping the lead

* The Only Easy Fitting Harness - just slide the harness over the bird's head, lift each wing through the loop and tighten the belt.

* The Only Harness that comes with a FREE 40 minute instructional DVD telling you
How to easily fit and safely use the Aviator
How to train your bird to love the Aviator
How to teach old birds new tricks
The advantages of the optional Aviator Flight Line.
What positive personality changes to expect

The Aviator Harness is so advanced and unique it has 8 patents pending!

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Product Reviews
 4 / 5

5 out of 5 (100%) reviewers recommend this product

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5 / 5
Wonderful Product
13th July 2019
Rank : Top 20 Reviewer
My Parrots: Kakariki
Location: Hatfield, United Kingdom
This is a wonderful harness that is escape proof, comfortable and safe and allows my parrot to go for little flights into the trees, on to her perch or around me. It does take some training with handling and getting used to the harness and it takes time getting the bird both used to the harness and to being outside without bars around it, but its worth it. It takes practice taking the harness on and off for the human as well as the bird! Be careful on the sizing however. I got the petite for my kakariki and it was just a little too big it fit her well but the buckle hung a little low on the top of her leg and irritated her so I switched to the mini and she is much happier.
I recommend this product
Verified Review
Northern Parrots: Thanks for your comments, we are pleased you like this product.
5 / 5
Lutino Cockatiel
18th October 2016
Rank : Top 250 Reviewer
My Parrots: Caique, Cockatiel, Conure - Small, Macaw - Large
Location: NEWTON ABBOT, United Kingdom
Fantastic development by this company. Fits perfectly on my tiel,lightweight and comfortable. important to follow the DVD instructions never force this on your bird, I have found playing with it around your bird with their favourite treats the best start. Minimum of 2 weeks of familiarity. Time spent early on reassuring your bird will pay dividends in the future where the world opens up in the summer time. Fantastic invention.
I recommend this product
Verified Review
Northern Parrots: Thanks for your review, we're so pleased you like this harness.
5 / 5
19th August 2016
Tracy B
My Parrots: African Grey, Budgie, Cockatiel, Eclectus, Quaker
I have bought 2 of these one for my male eclectus and one for my cockatiel I am now ordering another I personally think they are great , lightweight , easily to put on and my tiel loves going out in his and flies beautifully in it I did purchase the petite and found it fine for my baby not too tight around neck and room for a little growth ...excellent product no stopping us now and my girl also taken to it so ordering another
I recommend this product
Verified Review
Northern Parrots: Thank you for your review, we're so pleased you like this harness.
3 / 5
Good Product, rubbish sizing.
3rd July 2011
Rank : Top 100 Reviewer
Owner type: Pet Parrot Owner
The harness itself is made with very tough material, no heavy buckles to mess about with and seems pretty easy to put on when you train your parrot slowly.However the sizing isn't to be trusted in my opinion, Although the wing straps are fully adjustable, the neck collar is not and there isnt a chance this harness would fit either my small conure or my cockatiel like the description states without strangling them.I'm going to order the next size up though as I think this is otherwise a good product and the training was going well up to the point I realised if I put the neck collar on I would have to cut it back off again. I'm just very annoyed as the harness isn't cheap.My rating of 3 stars is purely because of the bad description otherwise it would have been a 4 or 5.
I recommend this product
Verified Review
4 / 5
a good buy
26th November 2009
Rank : Top 250 Reviewer
I bought this as an experiment with my cockatiels. Initially it's a bit fiddley and seems to be a bit uncomfortable but they soon settled down once they realised they get to go outside. It's really light weight so flight is not hindered even in small birds. It's also really durable so there doesn't seem to be much risk of chewing through it and the elastic cord prevents crashing. I didn't find the DVD very helpful because the demonstartion is on a macaw and the way you hold the harness is different with smaller birds but the harness in itself has allowed for great bonding experiences. Worth every penny!
I recommend this product
Verified Review
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