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Your Small Macaw’s medicine cabinet can soon be filled with these fast acting and very effective supplements from the top names in the avian industry.


If any of these supplements are liquid administer them with one of our syringes.


One of the first signs of illness in your Small Macaw could be sudden increases or decreases in their weight. Check for this using our scales, accurate to within a gram.


As well as lots of seed, complete food and treats in their diet, Small Macaws, like all Parrots, require plenty of vitamins and minerals. We have multi-vitamin and mineral packs and individual packs of crucial vitamins, minerals and elements. Some you hang from your Parrot’s cage whilst others you add to your bird’s food and water.


These elements include Omega 3, which your Small Macaw uses to maintain a healthy heart, brain and muscles, and calcium, which your bird uses to build strong bones and to produce eggs.


Calcivet and Vitamin D3 is an essential requirement for all Parrots. Although D3 is naturally found in UV light, Parrots need D3 to synthesise calcium and build strong beak and bones.


Some Small Macaws are fussy feeders and getting them to eat their food could be tricky. But with our special Fussy Feeders supplement you can get your Parrot back to eating a balanced diet again.


Our Small Macaw illness and emergency products can treat your Parrot when they are under the weather and before you speak to an avian vet.


A symptom of illness may be lack of energy. If this is the case give your Parrot a sustained energy boost using our energy boosting supplement. You can also use these if your bird looks fluffed or listless.


When a Small Macaw is unwell, they may lose their appetite as well. So emergency nutrition supplements make sure your bird gets the nutrition they require until they’re healthy again.


After the illness, support your Small or Mini Macaw’s immune system with our immune system booster. They increase your bird’s natural defences when they fight disease in the future.


Probiotic and prebiotic supplements work in your Small Macaw’s stomach. Prebiotics increase the numbers of healthy bacteria, whilst probiotics increase good bacteria’s effectiveness, making absorbing food a lot easier for your bird.


The Guardian Angel supplement contains all of these boosters (immune support, energy, probiotics, vitamins and minerals) in the one supplement.


Breeder products support Parrot parents and their chicks. They help adults get into breeding condition faster and give chicks vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Supplements for the feathers cleanse feathers, conditions them and ensures they grow properly.


Soothe your Parrot’s skin if it’s itching, red or irritated using our skin treatments for Parrots. Feathers and plumage get conditioned and cleaned so they look and feel great again.


Sometimes your Small Macaw may start to feather pluck. But you can deter this behaviour using feather plucking remedies.


Keep a well stocked supply of anti-pesticide treatments in case your Small Macaw ever gets internal parasites such as ringworm, and external parasites like lice, fleas, mice and ticks.


Respiratory aids such as Wheeze-Eeze act as a disinfectant in your Parrot’s throat and remove catarrh from their throat.


If you suspect your Small or Mini Macaw is unwell, please seek the advice of a vet immediately.


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