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All of these supplements for African Greys are a useful addition to your bird’s diet, and help your bird feel fit and well all year round, although please seek the advice of a vet if your bird is ill.


We have scales for African Greys accurate to within one gram. If your Parrot is losing or gaining weight it could be the first sign of illness, and as Parrots are natural prey animals, they often don’t show any other outward signs that something is amiss until it’s too late.


Syringes are important if you are hand feeding African Greys or need to administer liquid medicine. Use the markings on the syringe to mark out the right amount of medicine.


Probiotics and prebiotics work in your bird’s digestive system. Probiotics encourage the growth of good bacteria in your African Grey’s gut and prebiotics help form the good bacteria in the first place and make probiotics develop better. Use them to increase how effectively your African Grey fights gut infections.


Supplements can help your African Grey’s beak too. There are immune system and energy boosters for African Greys, if they need a helping wing in their diet.


Feed your bird emergency nutrition products if they’re off their food or require some nutrients in their body quickly, until they’re well enough to get back to their normal diet. There are also supplements that give your bird high quantities of Omega 3, used to maintain a healthy brain, muscles and heart. General bird boosters have minerals your African Grey could be missing from their everyday diet and enhance their overall wellbeing, such as iodine which supports their immune system and enzymes.


We have treatments and cures for common African Grey illnesses that all act quickly to relieve your bird’s discomfort. If your bird is unfortunate enough to suffer from parasites, then there are anti-mite and anti-parasite treatments, plus worming liquids.


Respiratory aids remove catarrh and act fast to help your Parrot breathe easier.


Feather plucking is occasionally a problem for African Grey Parrots. Spray on some of the soothing liquid to the affected areas and help ease your bird’s irritation and discourage them from picking their feathers again. But if your African Grey is displaying other signs of a skin complaint, like dull or lifeless feathers, gently rub on the shampoo or cream on the affected area, to gently soothe your Parrot and stop them itching.


There are supplements with multiple vitamins your bird needs, and supplements with just a specific vitamin your African Grey could be lacking.


All Parrots, but African Grey Parrots in particular, require additional calcium and Vitamin D3. Most Parrots get the Vitamin D3 they need from UV light, but sometimes they require a little extra.


Your feathered friend needs Vitamin D3 to synthesise calcium, which is used to build strong bones. These supplements can be mixed with your bird’s food or water making administration easy.


Some popular African Grey toys have vitamins and minerals included in chewable and edible parts, so your Parrot can benefit whilst also helping to keep their minds active and maintain strong jaw and beak muscles.


Find lots of supplements for your African Grey right here.