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Short Story Competition Runner Up - Natalie Mansell

Published on Friday, 17th July 2015
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Billy the Rosella started chirping. He loved to twitter first thing in the morning, just as Mom was giving him his seed and vegetables. Just as Billy was about to tuck in to the first chunk of carrot of the day...”BRRRRING BRRRRRING”. The phone! It was the phone! Billy leapt on to his rope perch and sang. He loved trying to out-sing the phone. He twittered as loud as he could. Then all the fun ended when Mom answered it.

Billy listened. He didn’t know who was on the phone but Mom seemed excited. She put the phone down and headed out of the room. What was happening? Where had she gone? Billy crunched on some seed while he tried to figure out what was going on.

Mom came back carrying his travel cage. Oh no! Not the vet’s again!

“We need to go,” Mom said. “Come on.”

She opened the travel cage door and opened the door to Billy’s cage. Billy knew he might as well get this over with. He jumped down onto the door opening and jumped into the travel cage. Mom closed the door and took him to the car.


After a short journey, Mom carried Billy into a glass fronted building. He looked around the room and saw hundreds of people doing strange things. Mom placed a sticker on to his cage. What was going on now? He hoped she wasn’t going to leave him here with these people!

He watched the people next to him. They seemed to be practising singing. Another one seemed to be juggling. Every now and then a man appeared and called out a number, and the room was gradually emptying. “This looks very familiar,” he thought.

Billy was still pondering where he had seen this all before when suddenly the man appeared, called another number, and Mom got up. The realisation was starting to hit him as he was carried past two small, smiling men who Billy recognised from the telly. Before he knew it he was on a stage in front of three thousand people.

In between him and the audience were four people sitting at a desk. Is that...It can’t be...It is! It’s Simon Cowell! Why are all these people here? Why is he here? ...Oh my days, I’m on Britain’s Got Talent!

Mom said “Hello” to Simon and took Billy out of the cage and started to play. Billy could fetch things, sing, talk and play dead. He actually forgot all about the audience and Simon as he loved playing with Mom. Before he knew it Mom turned to the audience and they were receiving a rapturous applause and a standing ovation. Was that for me?

The audience quietened for the judges to give their verdict.

The first judge shouted “yes!”

The second judge shouted “absolutely!”

The third exclaimed “you’re amazing!”

Then Simon Cowell looked at Billy and said “You are the most talented bird I have ever seen. I think we are looking at this year’s winner.”

And that is how Billy the little Rosella won Britain’s Got Talent.

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