Short Story Competition Runner Up- 'Comeuppance' by Angelika Hendrick
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Short Story Competition Runner Up- "Comeuppance" by Angelika Hendrick

Published on Friday, 10th July 2015
Filed under Competitions
The shrill ring tone cut the silence in the vet's waiting room, the 'patients' room and the examination rooms. Each room contained various animals to make enough noise to deafen the vets and nurses attending the animals or dealing with customers in the reception area. 

There was barking and shouts coming from the examination rooms.  The room to my right seemed to  be the worst affected as the screeching of dog nails on metal and a clatter of instruments dropping to the floor were quickly followed by the wail of a dog.

The receptionist gazed at a well dressed man and his dog who had already grabbed his phone and answered.  "I am at the Vets, talk later."  He looked apologetically at the receptionist and mouthed a "Sorry for this".  Then he turned to his dog, stroked him and whispered to him in a calm voice. 

A needless gesture as his dog seemed to be acquainted to the sound of his phone and didn't look the slightest bit upset.

I looked at the man, then recognition hit me.  He was an actor and a celebrity judge at a recent dog show a few weeks before.  Clearly he didn't think my puppy was worth a prize.  I quickly averted my eyes, I didn't want him to recognise me and get into a conversation. 

Just as he put the phone back into his pocket, it rang again, but it seemed even louder this time.  He was clearly embarrassed and his face was flashed. He grabbed the phone and pressed some buttons, forcing a smile, looking at nobody in particular. "It's silenced now, sorry for that." 

Just as people and their animals settled down again and the nurses and vets carried on with their daily jobs, the phone rang again.  He grabbed it, shook his head.  "It can't be!  I have definitely silenced it last time!"

He pressed a few buttons again, mumbled "There must be a fault!".  He looked at the phone and shook it.  "It's on silence!"  He smiled but soon stopped as he saw that some people in the waiting room were staring at him.  They were no longer smiling.  He shrugged his shoulders apologetically and then - the phone rang again.

"Would you mind leaving the waiting room and waiting outside please until I call you?" The receptionist looked at him with a forced smile and tried to sound friendly. After all, he was a well paying customer and famous also. He nodded and gathered the dog and his jacket.  It was raining outside. 

On his way out, the phone rang again.  He opened the exit door angrily and stormed out. I watched him throw the phone into the dog bin that was located close to the wall of the surgery.

The door to the examination room opened and the vet called out. "Mrs Birdsey?  I am ready for your Parrot now."  I started to giggle.  Casey has always been brilliant in mimicking noises without much training.  At times these noises are annoying and could last for a number of days, but on this occasion worth every minute.

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