Parrots Available For Rehoming At All Star Parrots - September 2018
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Parrots Available For Rehoming At All Star Parrots - September 2018

Published on Tuesday, 4th September 2018
These beautiful birds are looking for their forever homes from All Star Parrot Rescue. 

We are also pleased to report that Parry, George and Charlie, Charlie and Lucy and Eric have all found forever homes too. Read about them here. 


Hi everybody my names Vinnie and I’m a Green - cheeked Conure who loves fresh fruit and veg daily. My favourite fruits are apples, banana and most of all strawberries.


 I’m a very good bird who likes to sit on your shoulder once I’m comfortable with you and play with your hair. I’m not comfortable with being touched at the moment but I like to sit and watch tv with you and I’m looking for my forever home.


Hi, my name is Roxy and I am a beautiful Lesser-sulphur Cockatoo.

I am very much a man’s bird and just love to be with you and have cuddles ALL THE TIME!!. When I can to my safe house I never looked like this at all!


All my feathers were brown from being fed a very bad diet of Cadbury chocolate fingers!. The vet says that the chocolate had altered the pigments in my feather growth and that no amount of showers would just ‘wash it out!’.

Since being here I’ve been fed on AS30 and plenty of fruit/veg/chop. I’m not allowed any ‘junk’ food, but to be honest I don’t mind. I’ll eat almost anything you give me, but won’t touch pellet foods at any cost!

I used to pluck really bad, but have stopped since being here and I have new feathers growing in. I used to scream A LOT, but apart from a little at dusk, I have stopped doing this.

I do bark like a yappy dog, which can be a little annoying but nowhere near as annoying as my screech was!. I have started to fly now and am getting quite good at it!
Charlie and Ollie

Hi, our names are Charlie (grey) & Ollie (Olive (mottled)). We are both very chatty and will take food from your hand (whilst in our cage), but are not hand tame.


We like to sit on top of our cage and watch the world go by… We are good flyers! Our safe house daddy has tried to get us to step up and have more interaction, but neither of us are having any of it!!

That’s not to say that we can’t be tamed with time and patience, but there are other bigger birds here and we are not confident with hearing them let alone seeing them. Our safe house daddy thinks we may suit being in an aviary with other birds like us.


Hello, I’m Billy and I am a handsome Orange-wing Amazon. I can be a little nervous until I get to know you and then once I’m settled, I am ok. I do have a loud voice that I use in the morning and dusk to sing you my lovely Amazon songs ( well I love my sound ) and I can sometimes call when you leave the room, well that’s if I’ve not flown over to go with you.


I am a great flyer and can move from room chance to find my human friends.

I eat ZuPreem pellets and also love fruit and veg, grapes and dried banana and love apples.

I do prefer men but I will happily go to females too. I am hand trained to step up and love to sit with you and I love shredding paper.

If you are interested in any of these birds, please contact All Star Parrot Rescue. Their contact details are here

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