Parrots Available For Rehoming At All Star Parrots - November 2018
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Parrots Available For Rehoming At All Star Parrots - November 2018

Published on Tuesday, 4th December 2018
These beautiful birds at All Star Parrots are looking for a new home for Christmas. Can you give them the forever house they’re looking for?

Hi everybody my name is Pip,

I’m not quite two years old. I love having company and being able to play out of my cage.


I like men and women as long as they know how to give me head scratches.

I’m a typical cheeky Conure who will give you lots of love and laughter.

P.S I love grapes and walnuts.

Vinnie, who we featured a couple of months ago, is still looking for a new home. Vinny loves fresh fruit and vegetables, sitting on your shoulder and watching television.


Hi everybody my name is Ozzy,

If I have food and water, I am ok but be careful because I sometimes use my water to wash in so please be prepared to change it lots


I also like fruit and veg such as carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, apple, pear, strawberry, grapes etc. but don’t give me too much as I won’t it all. I also like nuts. I am also eating Parrot mix.

I do like to be let out and have a wing stretch and although I don’t like to be touched or handled, I will come to you and sit near you. I will go back in my cage when I want to, eventually!

Most of all I am a Parrot. I like attention so please sit a while and talk to me, and even though I don’t talk your language I will talk back to you in mine!!

I love nothing more than company so I am really desperate to find a home with a bird of a similar size. I’m not particularly fond of human hands, but I am happy to accept food from hands. I spend my days singing and flying around and so will need a home where I can do this.


I am currently on a low sunflower seed mix and am slowly getting better at eating fruits and vegetables.

For more details on any of these Parrots or if you think you can offer them a forever home you can contact All Star Parrot Rescue here.

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