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Welcome to our Blog page. Here you'll find lots of useful information about Everything for your Parrot. There's expert blogs & articles from Rosemary Low, the late Liz Wilson, Mike Simmons, Dorothy Schwarz and Barbara Heidenreich to name a few.

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Northern Parrots Simple Nutrition Plan

Friday, 14th August 2020Written By Northern Parrots

Northern Parrots have devised this Simple Nutrition Plan to help you give your Parrot the best diet.


Join In With Our Quaker Parrot Day Celebrations

Tuesday, 11th August 2020Written By Northern Parrots

We're celebrating Quaker Parrot Day on August 20th, so why not treat your Quaker Parrot on this very special day with some of our Quaker products and read more about our wonderful Quaker Parakeets too.


Teach Your Parrot To Wave by Sara Houston

Friday, 7th August 2020Written By Sara

Sara Houston explains how to teach your Parrot how towave.


Recipe Ideas By Polly's Natural Teas

Thursday, 30th July 2020Written By Northern Parrots

Check out this tasty recipe from Karmen Budai of Polly's avian teas.


Yasmin's Trick Training Diary

Friday, 24th July 2020Written By Northern Parrots

See how Yasmin has been getting on, training Quinn with the Northern Parrots Trick Training Academy


Parrot Funnies By Jerry - Part Fourteen

Wednesday, 22nd July 2020Written By Northern Parrots

We hope you'll raise a smile at the latest Parrot funny by Jerry.


How Have Pet Birds Been Affected by Covid-19?

Thursday, 16th July 2020Written By Rosemary Low

Rosemary Low looks at how Parrots have been affected by Covid-19.


Celebrate Macaw Day With Us

Wednesday, 8th July 2020Written By Northern Parrots

We're celebrating Macaw Day on July 16th. Read about what we have planned for the day and learn more about popular Macaw species.


What To Do If Your Parrot Escapes Or Is Lost

Tuesday, 7th July 2020Written By Northern Parrots

Here we have some advice on lost Parrot prevention and recovery.


Teach Your Parrot To Turn Around By Sara Houston

Thursday, 2nd July 2020Written By Sara

Sara Houston explains how to teach your Parrot to turn around.


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