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Northern Parrots Black Friday Specials 2017

Published on Wednesday, 22nd November 2017
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Looking for info on all the fabulous Black Friday 2017 deals from Northern Parrots? Then you’ve come to the right place! Take a look and start saving yourself some money. 

50% Off Toys
There is up to 50% off selected toys.

These are

Teddy Treasure, with lots of leather pieces for your Parrot. Was £7.99, now £4.79.

Quackers for Vine Cones, that hides a chewable surprise for your Parrot. Was £4.99, now £2.49.

Fire Fly, that is fun to pick and preen. Was £5.99, now £3.59.

Spinning Block Stacker, which has chunky wood to chew. Was £11.99, now £5.99.

Foraging Flower, that is a multi-textured toy to forage in. Was £8.99, now £5.39.

Spin & Win, that has parts to move around. Was £12.99, now £7.79.

Jingle Ball Bells, a fun musical toy. Was £8.99, now £5.39.

Double Decker, packed full of natural wood. Was £12.99, now £7.79.

Star Twister, a tough acrylic toy. Was £7.99, now £3.99.

Two Hearts Foot Toy, that has pieces that rattle around. Was £3.99, now £1.99.

Vine Ball Teaser, so much material to unravel. Was £12.99, now £7.79.

Whirlwind, that has pieces that chime. Was £8.99, now £5.39.

Busy Bagel, full of cardboard to shred. Was £9.99, now £5.99.

Jackpot Joy, that has multiple munch balls to forage in. Was £11.99, now £7.19.

Fun Slice, will a strip of leather for your Parrot to enjoy. Was £6.99, now £4.19.

Triple Shape Stacker, that teaches your Parrot colours and numbers. Was £12.99, now £7.79.

Triple Hanging Vine Balls, for triple the unravelling fun. Was £9.99, now £5.99.

Party Planet, that has spaces to hide treats in. Was £11.99, now £5.99.

Willow Rainbow Rings
, Packed full of irresistible textures. Was £9.99, now £5.99.

Natural Cluster, a long chewable toy. Was £19.99, now £9.99.

Corn Husker Cascade, with long strips of material to shred. Was £6.99, now £4.19.

Dolly Duck’s Vine & Pine, that has spaces to hide treats too. Was £4.99, now £2.49.

Zig Zag Stacker
, you can add additional materials to this too. Was £10.99, now £6.59.

Vine Ball and Blocks, Parrots love to tear apart. Was £12.99, now £7.79.

Pinball Wizard, that plays a tune as your bird plays. Was £12.99, now £6.49.

Money Off Food

There are further reductions off the 1.36kg bags of El Paso, Sunny Orchard and Garden Veggie NutriBerries. RRP £34.99, were £24.99, now £19.99 for Black Friday, saving you 43% in total.

All give your Parrot a tasty complete meal. Lafeber NutriBerries contain 40 essential nutrients your bird needs in their diet. Their circular shape makes them easy to hold or hide in foraging toys. Take me to this money saving Lafeber deal. 

Half Price Perches

There is now 50% off Natural Forked Perches. Medium, large and jumbo were £8.99, £9.99 and £12.99 respectively, but are now £4.49, £4.99 and £6.49.

Walking across these exercises feet, as they are made from natural wood which has an uneven surface for your Parrot to walk across. They're comfortable to stand on too. Show me half price perches now. 

Black Friday Half Price Toy Pack

We’ve created some special toy packs specially for Black Friday, including this Black Friday Toy Pack. 

Order my toy pack now. 

Parrot Themed Mugs

Perfect as a gift or as a reward for your yourself! 

There are two styles of mugs, I love my Parrot and African Grey. Both are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are sure to take pride of place on your coffee table. Order my gift here

Palm Nuts and Sugar Cane Treat Pack

An amazing value treat pack with two yummy treats. 

Take me to this tasty deal. 

Tabletop Parrot Stands – with feeding bowls and toy hanger

The popular portable stand you can use all around your home. 

Available in three colours, each stand has a bowl for placing food in, hook to hang toys,  tray to collect mess and of course, lots of room to stretch those legs. Choose my colour here

Parrot Backpacks

Travelling with your Parrot has never been easier!

This backback has an adjustable perch, cups, mesh panel and more. Start my adventure now

2018 Parrot Calendars

Plan for the year ahead in style – great gift idea!

Let me choose my calendars

Buy one get one free on selected toys

Mix and Match to save up to £14.99 on these toys…

Show me buy one get one free on toys here. 

Creative Foraging Toy Pack

Mentally stimulating puzzles toys that put the fun back into meal times. 

All three toys, Foraging Wheel, Buffet Ball and Push N Pull have spaces where you can hide treats Parrots love to find.  Take me to this money saving deal. 

Arcadia Lighting Pack 

Provides essential UV light all year round – let you Parrot see in full colour as nature intended.

Unlike humans, Parrots can see UV. It allows them to identify mates, recognise different species and more. They have specialised retinas to allow them to do this. It also allows them to synthesise Vitamin D3, that they need to produce calcium. 

Let my bird see in full colour. 

Willow Twist Activity Swing

NEW IN! Perch, swing and play – provides lots of wood to chew.

Show me this deal. 

Nature's Instinct Toy Pack

Mentally stimulating puzzle toys that put the fun back into meal times.

These tough toys make your Parrot work for their food, just as nature intended. All are see-through, so your bird can see their reward, now they just need to get to it.

Take me to this money saving deal

Parrot Basketball Set

Spend time bonding with your Parrot as you teach them how to play basketball.

Everytime your Parrot scores a hoop, reward them with a treat. Positive reinforcement training like this has the best results. 

Take me to this money saving deal. 

Kaytee Treat Pack

Two scrumptious Parrot treats for you to spoil your feathered friend with.

Kaytee Greens are full of natural vegetation, whilst Krunch-a-Round Treats are a tasty peanut with a sesame coating. 

Let me treat my Parrot for less. 

Buy One Get One Free – Accessories

Mix and Match to save up to £14.99 on these accessories…

Buy one get one free on

The Polly Pipe Hideaway, available in three sizes and perfect for your Parrot to retreat too. £2.50, £2.99 and £4.99 respectively.

The Pedicure Ladder that helps trims nails and is a 3 step (£4.99), 5 step (£2.99) and 7 step ladder (£3.99).

The Bamboo Foraging Perch (£9.99),

Desert Medium Perch (£9.99),

Large Twister Perch (£10.99)

and small (£8.99), medium (£11.99) and large (£14.99) Four Way Perch have uneven textures to keep feet well exercised.


Show me the buy one get one free accessories here. 

Snack Trays Buffet Kabob and Refill Kit

Colourful fun chewable foraging toy – bring the fun back to meal times.

Fill the tray up with all your bird's favourite things or let them enjoy chewing on the wood.
Was £24.98, now £15.99. Take me to this money saving deal. 

Palm Fruit Extract 

A tasty treat for all birds. 

It improves feather condition and is a useful supplement for breeding birds. 

Take me to this money saving deal

Beak Pleaser 

Wood and rope toy ideal for larger and more destructive Parrots. 

This toy has loads of wood for chewing on and rope for preening with. 

Take me
to this money saving deal. 

Fun Foraging Basket 

Comes pre-filled with goodies for your Parrot to chew, shred and unravel.

Your Parrot can chew and forage in all the popsicle sticks, plastic rings and more. 

Take me to this money saving deal. 

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