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New Supplements

Here are the latest supplements that maintain your Parrot’s good health

Browse our newest vitamins and minerals, breeder products, treatments and cures and emergency products for your Parrot.

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We have New Supplements for many different species of Parrot, to treat all kinds of illnesses and diseases. But please remember to seek the advice of a vet if you suspect your bird is unwell.

Parrots need to eat plenty of vitamins and minerals in their diet in order to receive the health benefits they bring. Vitamins and minerals are easily added to your bird’s food or water, and are one of the most important additions you can make to your Parrot’s diet.

New Supplements are being released to treat Parrot illnesses, diseases and other health conditions even more effectively. They are a regular release of new skin treatments that relieve irritation and soreness on the skin, supplements to stop feather plucking, improved anti-pesticide treatments and more, guaranteeing your feathered friend will be looking and feeling well again very quickly.

As new cures become available for Parrot medical conditions, we post them here, ensuring your Parrot’s discomfort only continues for a short time.

We release the newest emergency products, so if your Parrot falls ill suddenly, you have the right supplements to manage the situation.

Finally, there are new breeding supplements, meaning Parrot parents and their chicks always get the optimum level of nutrition they need to grow and stay healthy, big and strong. Recipes change frequently ensuring each breeding season chicks and adults get the most appropriate formula.

Find the New Supplements that your Parrot might need in their lifetime right here.

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