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Joan's North Wales Parrot Rescue

Published on Friday, 17th January 2020
Here at Northern Parrots we like to provide you with more information about charities and rescues. The latest is Joan’s North Wales Parrot Rescue.

The centre has even been visited by ITV Wales and Channel 5. Channel 5’s programme My Houseful of Amazons showcased some of the work they do.

They were approved for charity registration in February 2020. Charity Number: 1187805
The charity was founded in May 2014 as North Wales Parrot Rescue and was then renamed in 2015 as Joan’s North Wales Parrot Rescue. Joan Rakhra, the owner of Joan’s North Wales Parrot Rescue, has kept Parrots for over 30 years.

They rely entirely on donations for funding. The rescue visits schools, markets and local community events to raise awareness and run displays and store visits. Plus, they support owners who have birds with behavioural problems and take in birds when their owner can no longer care for them.

Joan presents on the local radio station. 

Every Parrot that is rehomed is tried to match to the right owner, to give them a second chance in life.  Fosterers can also take in birds for rehoming too. Every fosterer has an annual home visit to ensure the welfare of the bird.

You can support the charity by becoming a sponsor or donating. 
George the Umbrella Cockatoo is 22 years old and is looking for a new home. He loves being out of his cage and he is very confident and likes running about on the floor. He came to the rescue after his owner passed away and since living at the rescue he has taken well to both male and females. He loves his food. He wasn’t on a good diet before but now he really enjoys his dinners.

Update: 04/02/2020: George now has his forever home.

Oliver the Green-wing is looking for a new home. He prefers ladies and loves eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Update 26
/08/2020: Oliver now has his forever home

Anne the Orange-wing Amazon is looking for a new home. She is two years old and is very tame. She loves playing.

Jasper the Kakariki is looking for a new home. Jasper loves flying around and his food. Update: 26/08/2020: Jasper now has his forever home.

Max is a Blue and Gold Macaw. He is very friendly with the ladies but will tolerate men if there is no females around him. He loves having attention. Max is around 23 years old


 Sam he is around 18 years old and he is partly sighted.

Pepe the Blue-fronted Amazon unfortunately plucks due to her owner passing away. Pepe is a man's bird also around 18 years old.
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