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Getting The Most Out Of Social Media - YouTube and Googleplus

Published on Monday, 6th March 2017
Filed under Media & News
Our latest guide on getting the most out of our social media looks at YouTube and Google plus. You need a Google account to use both of these hence why we have grouped them together.
To make a good video it needs to be

1. A reasonable length, about 20 seconds minimum.
2. In focus, with as much as the product or human showing as possible.
3. Shot on an IPhone or video camera.

To sign up for an account, go to This automatically creates you a gmail account.
After you’ve done that, go to and you should find that you can post videos or add films to playlists now, when you couldn’t previously.
We search the web on a monthly basis to find you the best Parrot videos so you understand our products better onto our YouTube page. Once we’ve found them, we group them all in the same playlist so they’re easy for you to find.
Add your thoughts on the videos using the comments box. And of course, if you have filmed your Parrot and want to see them added to our YouTube channel, send us the link and we’ll include it. We even post some of the videos on our website with the product, so that your video gets an even bigger reach.

Videos can be as long or short as you like. We love seeing them all. As long as the picture and sound quality is good, we’ll happily share it.
Our Google plus page is popular. We have over 200 followers now and we have daily content on there for you to enjoy, like discounts, news stories about lost Parrots and links to interesting information on our website.

+1 a post to tell us that you like it or leave a comment underneath it with your opinions. We’ll take them on board for future posts.
We have over 100 followers at the moment, but we’d love to have more. If you do follow us, the notification bar in the top right ill show a red circle followed by the number of notifications.
On our Google plus page, you can find out more information about us like our contact details and website, see the photos and videos we’ve posted and the people we’re following and who follows us back.
We’d like it very much if you were one of those people, so start following us now.
To be the first to read blogs like this, plus exclusive offers and the latest Parrot news, sign up to our newsletter. If you have a friend who you think may find this useful, feel free to share
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