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You can keep your Parrot’s feeding dish topped up with this delicious Versele-Laga Food or attach it to toys or cages to create foraging fun.


Hide one of the treats in your Parrot’s favourite toy and let the challenge of getting it out again commence. Parrots forage for their food in the wild so it’s something they naturally love to do.


Or you could use the treats, like the biscuits and nut mixes, as a reward or positive reinforcement during behaviour training. Your Parrot sees just how much you love and appreciate them if you share the treats with them.


Versele-Laga Parrot food comes with holders so they easily attach to the bars of your Parrot’s cage. There are lots of different flavours, so you can hang a new one on a regular basis.


With Versele-Laga complete food your Parrot gets the majority of the vitamins, amino acids and minerals that they need in a balanced diet. Amino acids are proteins used all over your Parrot’s body, vitamins help your Parrot fight diseases amongst other uses and the minerals are critical because your Parrot may not be getting these from their everyday diet.


A selection of the Versele-Laga Food has been specially made for each individual species of Parrot, so they can tuck into a food bursting with the nutrients they specifically need.


You can help the Loro Parque Fundacion when buying your Parrot’s food from Versele-Laga, as profits from a number of foods go towards supporting this important cause. The organisation runs numerous conservation projects in Tenerife.


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