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Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day

Published on Wednesday, 8th April 2015
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Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
began in 1943. At that time Dorie Cooper was a seven year old living in England and visiting her uncle in hospital with her mum, who had been injured in the war. Dorie’s uncle was understandably quite downbeat so to cheer him up, Dorie asked him to draw a picture of a bird for her.

Dorie’s uncle obliged and drew her a picture of a robin that was sat in a window nearby. Dorie wasn’t very impressed with his efforts, telling him that although he wasn’t a very good artist, she would hang the drawing in her bedroom nevertheless. Her uncle’s mood improved thanks to Dorie’s honesty and acceptance and so did the mood of the other soldiers around him in the ward.

Each time Dorie visited her uncle after this event, the soldiers would hold competitions to see who could create the best picture and pretty soon the ward they were in was covered with pictures of birds.

Sadly three years after she started visiting her uncle Dorie was run over and killed by a car. At her funeral her coffin was filled with pictures of birds that had been made by the soldiers, nurses and doctors from the ward Dorie had visited.

Since then the men and women have remembered Dorie as the girl who brought so much cheer to the ward by drawing birds on her birthday, April 8th. The day grew from something marked just by soldiers and medical staff to a day to forget war and suffering for a short time and find joy and happiness in the simple things in life.

We’d like you to get involved with Draw a Picture of a Bird Day too. Post your drawings onto our Facebook page or tweet us with your drawingsPlease send them in either a JPEG or PNG format so they’re lovely and clear and no bigger than a 1000x1000 pixels so they’re not too big.

You can either produce a picture digitally, such as on paint or illustrator or using more traditional methods like paint brushes, crayons and ink. It doesn’t have to be just Parrots that you draw; any species of bird is acceptable. We’ll of course be sharing all of them.

The Draw a Picture of a Bird Day website has a gallery full of drawings from 2008 onwards if you’re in need of inspiration.

We can’t wait to see your drawings and see how talented you all are.

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