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Christmas Toys and Treats 2017

Published on Tuesday, 28th November 2017
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It’s that time of year when you start preparing for Christmas. Hopefully you’ve started to think about which goodies to buy for your Parrot over the holiday season.

We’re sure you celebrate Christmas year after year with your feathered companion. See the full selection of Christmas toys and treats here 

As Parrots are curious creatures, they are naturally drawn to the many items we decorate our house with, fairy lights, holly, ivy, mistletoe, real trees and tinsel for example. Plus, there is more of a supply of chocolate, alcohol, avocado and foods with a high salt content such as peanuts. All of which pose a danger to your Parrot. See the list of foods your Parrot should avoid eating here
Finding an avian vet in an emergency over the holidays isn’t an easy task! See the list of avian vets here.
Having a vast array of toys keeps Parrots mentally enriched and prevents unwanted behaviours, and at this time of year stocking festive themed toys and treats allows you to provide your bird with fun, stimulating and more importantly safe materials to enjoy and celebrate this holiday season.
Wood and rope toys continue to be popular, Parrots just love chewing wood, it helps to keep their beak nice and trim. Rope fibres are great for keeping beaks happy and occupied with material to unravel and preen on. Providing toys birds can use for preening can help reduce unwanted over preening behaviours.
If your Parrot loves toys that are as noisy as they are bells and rattles are perfect. The delightful chiming noises they make lets your bird jingle all the way.
Willow and vine toys, as well as paper and cardboard toys, are great for providing chewable foraging experiences, combining the best of both worlds; beak pleasing fun with a mentally stimulating activity. Don’t forget to buy treats to go inside the toys too.
You might like to spend money on yourself or your fellow bird keeping friends and family too. Some great gift ideas include mugs, calendars, books and DVDs.

Northern Parrots have the biggest range of Christmas themed goodies for birds, from brands including Paradise Toys, Super Bird Creations, Parrot Pinatas and Aussie Bird, plus treats from the Parrot Café range including plum pudding and banana cookie flavours. 


Take a look at some of the newest toys to our Christmas range...

346361: Sleigh Ride 

346408 and 346409: Christmas garland small and large 

36708: Mini Snowman Pinata 

36709: Christmas Candy Cane 


The sleigh ride toy means you can add your own gifts to the toy and toys like the crinkle crinkle little star, mega munch ball and jolly Christmas ball stuffers lets your go foraging for food inside the toy.

We hope you have a very happy Christmas with your Parrot.
See the full selection of Christmas toys and treats here

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