Christmas Toys And Present Ideas For Your Parrot 2016
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Christmas Toys And Present Ideas For Your Parrot 2016

Published on Tuesday, 29th November 2016
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We hope you’ve been preparing to treat your Parrot for Christmas. Here are some of the fantastic toys and foods available to treat your Parrot this holiday season.
Christmas Themed Toys
Birds are naturally attracted to the Christmas trees, tinsel, bright lights and Christmas cards that decorate most homes. However, they are all very tempting for your Parrot to chew on, so why not provide some of these festive themed toys that are safe for your feathered friend to enjoy instead.
For Parrots who enjoy chewing up wood, the Chunky Wooden Christmas Tree, Mr Christmas Wood & Rope Parrot Toy and the Mini Vine Christmas Tree provide plenty of exciting chewable materials to occupy your Parrot’s beak over the festive season. 

Most Parrots enjoy pulling things to pieces, making the Vine Ball Christmas Tree Parrot Toy, Cotton Christmas Wreath and Vine Mat Wreath great fun for beaks to chew, unravel and preen on. 

Parrots adore toys that are as loud as them, so consider giving them a noise-making toy. Stainless Steel Bells on chains make a delightful chiming sound. The refillable Festive Toy Bucket with Bells and the Jingle Bells Stack make a lovely chiming noise as Parrots play. 

Foraging is a natural behaviour of all pet birds and toys such as the Festive Hanging Mega Munch Ball, Jolly Christmas Ball Stuffers and Reindeer Foraging Goodie Boxes are perfect examples.  


The Sleigh Ride Parrot Toy is sure to make any Parrot look super cute as they perch in their very own sleigh.  You can easily add your own gifts to the sleigh for your Parrot to find.  

Parrot Café treats are handmade and baked from natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. They are in fun festive shapes too, Rosehip Stars, Plum Puddings, Shooting Stars and Christmas Trees


Parrot Jellies are an extremely popular treat. These tasty treats come in a variety of flavours with an optional wooden feeding platform.  

It isn’t just the feathered members of the family that need treating over the holidays, you might like to spend a little on yourself, a friend or family member too. Some ideas include…
Parrot Calendars, each with large full colour photos. Plus, there’s lots of space to add notes and reminders for key dates and events each month.

There are also Parrot Mugs, one showcasing a selection of Parrots and the other displaying the ever popular African Grey.

Useful Tips
Remember to keep a careful eye on your pet bird or Parrot over the holiday season. Many celebrations over Christmas involve plenty of foods, drinks and decorations, many of which aren’t safe for a Parrot.
The numerous things that could be harmful to Parrots and pet birds include mistletoe, holly and ivy, (if allowed to eat them) alcohol, chocolate, avocado and foods very high in salt such as salted peanuts. It is recommended that steps should be taken to reduce or remove these dangers so you can enjoy the holiday with as little stress and worry as possible.
We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

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