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  • white gama cage

    Gama Top Opening Small Parrot Cage with Stand

    • An cage with features such as perches, feeders and tray
    • Attach toys for a fun playtime. Use cage cover size 8.
    • Has a shelf for storage
    • Suitable for Senegal, Quaker, Caique and more
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Your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot is definitely going to be entertained whilst they are inside their cage, although don’t forget your bird needs as much out of cage time as possible.


Your Parrot is sure to be kept busy during their time in the cage because of the excellent features that come as standard with the cages. Every cages have feeders to fill with delicious food and refreshing water for your bird, large doors so your Meyer’s or Senegal can fly in and out their cage quickly and easily, perches to give your Parrot a place to be at ease and seed catchers to collect the mess your feathered friend makes inside their cage.


A lot of Meyer’s and Senegal Cages sit on wheels, enabling you to slide the cage somewhere new whenever you need to, perhaps during cleaning or maintenance.


Play top, open top and solid top cages, the main styles of cages we have for Meyer’s and Senegal Parrots, have all these features and more. Choose the biggest cage possible for your bird.


Play top cages have a separate area at the top of the cage which opens out for you to fill with toys or food. A good number of play top cages allow you to remove the play area in case your Parrot becomes too attached to it. These types of cage give your bird plenty of room to spread out without taking up too much space in the rest of the room. Please remember to supervise your Meyer’s or Senegal when they play with toys.


Open top cages open up vertically at the top of the cage. Connected to this fitting are spaces on which you can fix perches. Many Parrots love these perches as they are very high off the ground so give them a fantastic vantage point to look out at the world. They are also brilliant for allowing your Meyer’s or Senegal straightforward entry and exit to the rest of the cage.


Solid top cages do not open out at the top but they do have a roof, which can be either dome top or flat. There isn’t a specific play area at the top of the cage for your Meyer’s or Senegal to play on, but solid top cages do have plenty of room inside for your Parrot to have fun with their toys.


You have two options to transport your Meyer’s and Senegal Parrot, either in one of our backpack carriers or in a travel cage. Both are designed to ensure your Parrot is comfortable whilst on the go.


The backpack carrier has a perch supplied for your bird to rest on the travels and holes to fit more perches that suit your Meyer’s or Senegal’s height. There are also holders for metal cups which you can fill with toys or fresh food and water.


The travel cages have similar features as the backpack. There are lots of perches and feeders to keep your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot amused on the trip and easy access to the cage thanks to the wide doors, so you can check on your bird as often as you need.


You’ll find the perfect cage for your Meyer’s or Senegal Parrot right here.