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We have so many different styles of cages for your Small Macaw, from the biggest manufacturers and in a variety of colours and designs. You’ll need to choose the biggest cage you can afford for your Parrot and bear in mind that your bird does need as much out of cage time as possible.


You can be sure of fantastic features with every cage.


Most cages are on wheels to enable you to move the cage wherever you want during routine cleaning or maintenance. Also to help with cleaning there are wide doors so you can get to those hard to reach corners of the cage. These big doors give your Parrot plenty of room to fly in and out the cage as well.


Every Parrot needs plenty of delicious food and fresh water whilst they’re inside the cage and they can tuck into their meal from one of the feeders. They swing out to enable you the owner to refill them once your Small or Mini Macaw, like the charming Hahns Macaw, has eaten everything. Any food your feathered friend does drop is collected in the seed catchers or trays. Finally there are perches on the cages so your curious bird can survey the world around them.


The three styles of cage we have are open top, solid top and play top.


Open top cages open upwards and this movable area has fixtures on which you can attach perches. Because they are right on the top of the cage the perches are high, but your Parrot will love the 360 degree view they offer. Open top cages have a wide opening which means your bird can go back inside their cage for tasty food and water whenever they like. They are an ideal space-saving cage since they only require the minimum of space.


Solid top cages are some of the most secure style of cage because they don’t have any additional areas or spaces for your Parrot to play. They have either a dome top (otherwise known as rounded) roof or flat roof and the only entrance to these cages is though the main wide doors.


Play top cages do have this additional area for your Small or Mini Macaw, like the Noble Macaw, to play with toys or eat, so they won’t need to go back inside their cage for food or water. In some cases this play area can be removed and placed in a new area, creating even more fun. Supervise your Parrot if they are playing with toys.


Like with open top cages, play top cages don’t take up excessive space in your home.


Find a high quality cage for your Small or Mini Macaw right here.