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Your Small Conure will spend a significant amount of time in their cage, although the more time spent out of it the better it is for them, so you need to have a cage that’s as roomy as possible and in the style that suits your Parrot’s personality best.


The exterior of the cages may differ, but inside the cages they all have the same standard features. Swing out feeders let your Parrot tuck into their tasty fresh food and water and once the time comes to fill feeding dishes up again, you can do so with minimum of stress to your Small Conure, like the charming Maroon-bellied Conure.


Cages also have perches so your Small Conure can rest at a height that suits them, wide doors that open out to give you and your bird lots of access to the cage, and seed catchers that stop any excess mess your Parrot makes from hitting the floor.


Another benefit of Small Conure Cages are the wheels on the bottom, which give you the option of pulling and pushing the cage to a new area as and when you need to.


Smaller travel cages have similar components as their larger counterparts. They have perches and feeders to occupy your bird whilst they’re in transit and to make them easier to carry, Small Conure travel cages come with handles, unlike the main cages, to enable you to carry them.


Backpack carriers are an alternative to usual travel cages. They are also fitted with perches for your Small Conure to stand on when they’re on the go (plus holes to add more,) feeding cups so your bird has plenty to eat and drink during the trip and the option of opening or closing curtains, depending on whether your Parrot wants to see out or not.


The main styles of cage we have are open top, solid top and play top and all would be an excellent choice of cage for your Small Conure, like the popular Green-cheeked Conure or Nanday Conure.


For a cage that doesn’t open at the top, choose a solid top cage. With either a dome top or flat roof and no moving parts, they are very secure and ideal if you have an additional play area for your Small Conure elsewhere.


If you don’t have an extra area then buy one of our play top Parrot cages for your bird. The play area is at the top of the cage (although some can be detached and placed elsewhere) so fill it with your Small Conure’s favourite toy or perch. The open area doesn’t take up much room so are great if your Parrot wants to spread out but doesn’t have room elsewhere. Always supervise your Parrot if they are playing with toys.


Finally open top cages also have a section that opens out, just like their name suggests. Add a perch to the high open section to give your Small Conure a prime vantage point to observe the environment around them. This style of cage gives your feathered friend the choice to fly in and out their cage as often as they like.


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