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  • white gama cage

    Gama Top Opening Small Parrot Cage with Stand

    • An cage with features such as perches, feeders and tray
    • Attach toys for a fun playtime. Use cage cover size 8.
    • Has a shelf for storage
    • Suitable for Senegal, Quaker, Caique and more
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We have cages in many different styles and colours from the top brands and manufacturers so your Caique has a safe place to call home. Your Parrot needs to spend as much time outside of their cage as possible but you can make sure that their time spent inside the cage is a fun one. The bigger the cage you can buy for your Caique the better.


They are already fitted with perches for your bird to sit and feeders from which they can enjoy their delicious food. Many cages are also on castors so you can push the cage to wherever you want it to go.


To make the cages easier to clean most come with seed catchers to hold any excess food or waste your Parrot drops.


Play top cages give your Parrot an area to play on outside of their cage. Add perches or toys to the area so your bird has plenty to entertain themselves with whilst they are inside their cage. Some cages allow you to remove the play area entirely so that your Caique can use it anywhere they like.


Open top cages are very similar. The tops of these Caique Cages have holders so that you can add perches or toys to it. From this area your Parrot can perch happily and still enter and exit the cage whenever they need.


Solid top cages are either flat or dome top (sometimes called rounded.) These Caique Cages don’t have any extra areas that open, other than the door of course, so they are a very secure cage.


If you and your Caique are doing a lot of travelling, invest in one of our backpacks or travel cages. The backpack carrier comes with bowls and holes for perches so your bird is entertained whilst they’re on the move.


Our travel cages come with large doors to make it easier for you and your Parrot to access their cage. They are strong and lightweight, so your Parrot’s journey is as stress free as possible.


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