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We have a well-designed range of small cages for your smaller pet bird, whether you have a Finch, Canary, Budgerigar or Cockatiel. There are cages made with all the popular styles, such as open top, play top and solid top.


Play top Parrot cages have an area at the top of the cage for your Parrot to play on, solid top cages have no extra area and instead keep your Parrot safely inside their cage, whilst open top cages also give your Parrot more room outside the normal floor space. These Budgerigar and Canary Cages have well thought out features that offer excellent value. They are easy to put together, simple to clean and straightforward to maintain.


Simply add the feeders onto the walls of the cage so your Parrot can enjoy a nice meal or use one of the multiple openings to place food or toys in your Parrot’s cage. They are fantastic Budgie and Canary Cages to start with if you're a first time bird keeper, or if you`re looking to upgrade your small bird`s existing cage.


Cages are from the big brands Liberta and Rainforest.


You will definitely find a wonderful new cage for your Budgerigar or Canary right here.