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Find Out More About Caring For Your Parrot

Find Out More About Caring For Your Parrot

Posted by Caring For Your Parrot on 25/1/2024

Find out more about caring for your Parrot with these campaigns.

October is a really big month for pets and consequently our Parrots, with big campaigns running to promote their welfare.

Pet Wellness Month

Pet Wellness Month is perhaps the biggest event of the month.

                                                                                                                                                                                       It's an awareness drive encouraging you to take your Parrot to the vet for regular check-ups, even when they’re not unwell.

As prey animals Parrots don’t like to show any outward signs of illness, so taking them to your avian vet for regular or at least an annual check-up means any signs or symptoms of your Parrot being unwell can be spotted.

You can take care of your Parrot using our huge choice of supplements. We have treatments and cures for common Parrot illnesses, vitamins and minerals and products to use in an emergency. So keep your birdie medicine cabinet stocked and maintain your Parrot’s healthy overall wellbeing.

We have a list of vets with a Zoo Medicine Qualification, making them highly qualified avian vets, on our blog pages. Our list covers vets in the UK and overseas.

Foraging is so important to a Parrot’s wellbeing, because it helps to replicate their natural feeding behaviour in the wild. We have a huge array of foraging toys to occupy your Parrot’s clever mind. .

Finally many of our foods are enriched with vitamins and minerals to ensure your Parrot is getting a healthy diet. With our delicious choice of foods, we have a diet to suit every Parrot’s palate.

Animal Welfare Week

Similarly Animal Welfare Week is running in the first week of October and is aimed at increasing awareness of animal welfare.

According to the RSPCA there are five freedoms that are essential to animal welfare. These are freedom from hunger and thirst, pain, fear, discomfort and have the freedom to express normal behaviours.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 states that all pet owners should take reasonable steps to ensure their animal’s welfare needs are met.

We always aim to provide your Parrot with products that allow them to indulge in natural behaviour as much as possible. For example we have harnesses that let your Parrot fly safely and hideaways so your Parrot has somewhere safe to retreat to whenever they feel threatened.

Animal Safety and Protection Month

October is also Animal Safety and Protection Month, which, like Animal Welfare Week, is highlighting the welfare of domestic and wild animals.

One idea of this month is to Parrot proof your home and improve safety when you and your bird are travelling.

Liz Wilson compiled a list of household dangers that could affect your Parrot and simple precautions you can take to stop them becoming a cause for concern.

When out and about with your Parrot use our travel cages to move your feathered friend safely.

Also our blog on “What Can’t I Feed My Parrot?” explains what food your Parrot should avoid eating because they are harmful to them.

Many of our bloggers have volunteered at conservation projects around the world which all helped to improve the welfare of wild Parrots. Barbara Heidenreich worked with Kakapo’s in New Zealand teaching them basic training techniques.

Plus Dot Schwarz has worked with Cockatoos in The Philippines and Rosemary has written fact sheets explaining how to care for particular species of Parrots and has been lucky enough to go Parrot watching in Brazil.

We hope you use October to read up on the ways you can care for your Parrot. Let us know what you’re up to in the comments box below.