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Parrot Species Guides

Which Parrot is Right for Me?

For everything you need for your Parrot please click here. It should be stated from the outset that no stranger can tell you what kind of Parrot would work out best in your household. Only you can do that. However, in this article I will offer some of insights into various psittacine species, based on my […]

Eclectus Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Eclectus in her fact sheet… Scientific Name   Eclectus roratus Adult Length 31-37cm (12-14 ½ in) depending on sub-species Adult Weight  375-50g (13-19 ½ oz); solomonensis 350-425g. For everything you need for an Eclectus Parrot please click here. Expected Lifespan  Forty years Status in wild  Varies according to location. Populations on some Indonesian […]

About The White-bellied Caique

Read all about the White-bellied Caique. Find out about their personality, diet and more… Name:  White-bellied Caique (Pionites leucogaster) Alternative name:  White-bellied Parrot, White-breasted Parrot, Green-thighed Parrot Adult length:  Around 23 cm (9”). Adult weight:  Around 160g. Origin: Wild White-bellied Caiques can be found mainly in the Southern Amazon Basin of Brazil. Here, they inhabit […]

Bourke`s Parakeet Fact Sheet

Here is a Bourke’s Parakeet fact sheet for you. Adult length:  18-20cm from beak to tail feathers. Adult weight: 56g Scientific Name:  Neopsephotus Bourkii. Originally classified as part of the Neophema genus but was assigned its own genus in the 1990’s. Named after Sir Richard Bourke, the governor of New South Wales between 1831 and […]

Scarlet Macaw Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low tells us more about the Scarlet Macaw. Adult length  About 90cm (36in) including long tail feathers which measure up to 60cm (24in). Size decreases from north to south of the range, Central American birds being largest and those from southern Brazil smallest. Adult weight Approximately 1,000g. For everything you need for your Scarlet […]

Meyer’s Parrot Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low provides some interesting information on the Meyer’s Parrot, including the foods they eat, personality, appearance and lots more… Adult length 20-22cm Adult weight   Approx 120g (nearly 9in). The small size appeals to people who do not have space in the home for a large Parrot. Suitability as a Pet It is never advisable […]

Nanday Conure Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Nanday Conure in her fact sheet. Scientific name:  Nandayus nenday Common name(s):  Black-headed Conure Adult length:  31cm (12in) Adult weight:  140g Expected lifespan:  25-30 years Status in wild:  Common For everything you need for your Nanday Conure please click here. Origin:  Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina Suitability / Screaming Within […]

Princess of Wales Fact Sheet

Princess of wales fact sheet

Lineolated Parakeet Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low gives useful information about the Lineolated Parakeet in her blog. Lineolated Parakeet (Bolborhynchus lineola) Alternative Name Barred Parakeet Similar in size to a Budgie, these are the products that may be suitable for them. Adult length 16cm (6 ½in) Adult weight About 50 Origin Mexico, Central America the Andes of western South America […]

Military Macaw Fact Sheet

Find out about the Military Macaw. Scientific name:  Ara militaris  Description:  The Military & Great Green Macaw (Buffon’s) are often confused. The most obvious differences are the larger size and more massive beak of the Buffon’s and its lighter shade of green. For everything you need for your Military Macaw please click here.   Adult length nominate race:  […]