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Parrot Health & Safety

Rosemary Low Answers Your Questions

Thank you to everyone who sent in their question for Rosemary Low. Below you’ll find answers to some of those questions, we’ll add more as soon as we can. Question: My Conure Jessie is about a year old and is afraid of EVERYTHING. We try introducing things slowly, not making sudden movements or loud noises […]

What Should Be In Your Parrot’s First Aid Box?

This is what should be in your Parrot’s first aid box. Please be advised that supplements are for birds on a poor diet which needs boosting. They are not a first aid item. Also, as a rule you shouldn’t use any two products at the same time, as the birds can overdose on fat soluble […]

Feather Destructive Behaviour – Part Two

In my first blog on feather destructive-plucking behaviour (FDB), I discussed the risk factors for Parrots developing this unwelcomed behaviour. Behavioural Problems In this blog I will discuss simple strategies to help caregivers tackle this behavioural problem. FDB may include over preening, feather barbering, pulling feathers out and mutilating the skin. The behaviour may be […]

Feather Destructive Behaviour – Part One

The three main categories of behavioural problems seen in our Parrots are: caregiver directed aggression, excessive vocalisation, and feather destructive behaviours (FDB). About FDB Out of the three, it is perhaps feather destructive behaviours that cause caregivers the most guilt, as often they do not understand why the behaviour has started and feel powerless to […]

Calcium, Vitamin D & Specialised Lighting

Liz Wilson explains more about UV light and lighting. There is much discussion on the internet about diet and about specialised lighting and its importance for Parrots, often discussed by those who have passionate opinions … but unfortunately little factual knowledge about this subject. UV Light This small detail does not, however, deter them from […]

The Importance Of Preventative Medicine In Birds

The team at Avian Veterinary Services explain why you should take your Parrot for regular health checks. They also discuss some of the health issues that can be picked up by taking your Parrot for a check. Vaccinations In most other branches of veterinary medicine companion animals present for annual vaccinations to prevent the development of some of […]

Protecting Birds Against Bird Flu by The Birdcare Company

Here is The Birdcare Company’s latest blog, where they explain how to protect your birds against bird flu and how Avisafe is effective against it. For even more supplements to keep your Parrot healthy please click here. STOP PRESS Avisafe has been tested and approved by DEFRA as effective against Avian Flu!Defra approved disinfectants should be […]

Lessons Learnt From A Sick Bird

Sophie explains the lessons learnt from a sick bird. Having a sick bird is one of the hardest and most stressful aspects of living with Parrots. Our sweet Baby Olive the turquoise Green-cheeked Conure became unwell last year. One evening we noticed her scratching at her face repeatedly, but after a minute or two she […]

Lyla’s Inspiring Story | How She Stopped Feather Plucking

Thank you to Laura Brown for this delightful story about her African Grey Lyla who stopped feather plucking. Over to Laura who tells us her story. Laura  My and my little Grey Lyla went through a tough time together at the beginning of covid. I had to isolate at home which had a massive impact on […]

Winter Wellbeing For Pet Birds

Bucktons explain how to help your Parrot during winter. If you think you’re getting stressed by the forthcoming festive season you might not be the only one, spare a thought for your pet bird. Winter Visits A house full of strange relatives, alcohol fuelled frivolity, visits from carol singers and brightly coloured lights are enough […]