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Find An Avian Vet

As discussed in Liz Wilson’s article “Choosing an Avian Vet” there are several ways of finding a good avian vet, not least of which is personal recommendation. As we wouldn’t want to miss out good Avian vets we’re not acquainted with, we’ve instead provided a list of vets with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Zoo Medicine […]

Expanding the Flock

Liz Wilson explains what to think about before expanding your flock. WHY Do You Want Another Bird? So you are considering getting another Parrot, yes? May I ask why? Are you hoping another Parrot will help to “fix” a behaviour problem in your first bird? If so, please don’t. Parrots are quick learners and certainly learn from […]

World Vet Day

Our vets do so much to care for our pet Parrots, so let’s take a moment to thank them on World Vet Day (Saturday April 24th 2021.) Avian Vets Comment and rate your vet in the comments section of this blog. Parrots are classed as exotic animals and although all vets are qualified to look after them, specialist […]

Avian Vet Testimonials

“I recommend Northern Parrots to my clients as it’s the best place to find everything they need to their Parrot” Michael Stanford BVSc CertZooMed FRCVS RCVS Specialist in Zoo & Wildlife Medicine Birch Heath Veterinary Clinic, Birch Heath Road, Tarpoley, Cheshire, CW6 9UU Tel: 01829 733777 | | “I am always sending people […]

About Valley Vets

Here is some information about Valley Vets in Cardiff. Name of Vets: Valley Vets Ltd  Address: New Valley Vets Hospital – Unit 2C, Gwaelod-y-garth, Cardiff. CF15 9AA.  Tel: 02920 529444 Email:  Website:    The group was established in the 1940’s and has had a presence in Cardiff since the 1980s. About Avian & exotic vet Tariq Abou-Zahr BVSc CertAVP(ZooMed) DipECZM(Avian) […]

About Oakmount Veterinary Hospital

Here is some information about Oakmount Veterinary Hospital in Burnley. Sheryl Calway is the clinical director. About   We are an 8-vet practice. All my colleagues work with dogs and cats and see occasional routine small furry animal cases. We have 36 team members in total, including nursing students on placements with us (we are […]

How To Find An Avian Vet

Here is how to find an avian vet for your Parrot.  Training In veterinary school, most students receive very little training in the field of bird care. Therefore, most new graduate veterinarians are ill-equipped to care for this unique species. To truly understand how to provide medical and surgical treatment to birds, veterinarians must complete, […]

About Avian And Exotic Animal Clinic

Find out more about the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic We are thrilled that the vets at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic at Ashleigh Vets in Manchester have started writing blogs for us. Here is some more information about what they do and the different services they can offer you and your Parrot. Services The Avian and […]

New Parrot Boarding Facilities at Avian Veterinary Services

A recent addition to their already outstanding veterinary centre, the Avian Veterinary Services are proud to announce that they now offer a boarding service for all species of pet birds and Parrots. Boarding Facilities  The new boarding facilities are very secure and very clean. Everyone who stays is given loads of attention during the day […]

About C.J. Hall Veterinary Practices

Find out more about C.J. Hall Veterinary Practices.  With a special interest in medicine and surgery of exotic animals including Parrots and Parrot-like birds. Plus a self confessed aim to provide the highest standard of care in veterinary surgery and medicine C.J. Hall Veterinary Practices are the place to go in the London area. About […]