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Rosemary Low

Which Vegetables Can Parrots Eat?

Rosemary Low explains the nutritional benefits of vegetables to Parrots. Greens Some Parrots relish all kinds of vegetables, leafy greens and wild-picked “weeds”. Others are just not interested. I believe that the success of feeding these items depends on four factors: If your birds are like children and they don’t want to eat their vegetables, […]

Caring For A Parrot In An Owner’s Absence

Rosemary Low explains more about caring for a Parrot in an owner’s absence. Caring for birds in the owner’s absence is an extremely important task. It relies on more than just following instructions. I would like to give some advice to people taking temporary care of birds, based on my own experiences of carers in […]

Rosemary Low Gives a Parrot Conservation Update

A 2022 Parrot conservation update. There are approximately 400 species of Parrots in existence today. Rosemary Low gives us a 2022 update on Parrots and conservation projects in the wild. Unfortunately, Parrots are notable for having the highest number of threatened species of all non-passerine bird orders. Here, Rosemary shares with us some of the […]

Red-browed Parrot Rescue

Rosemary Low gives an update on the Red-browed Parrot and how it was rescued in Brazil. Parrot conservation news from around the world was the subject of my previous blog. I have been asked to continue this theme and I can report on an inspirational story that has received no attention outside Brazil. If you […]

Breeding Parrots

Rosemary Low explains more about breeding Parrots. If you are considering breeding Parrots you need to know the most important factors that lead to success. I believe that these are as follows: Livestock A feeling for keeping livestock: ie, a sympathetic attitude and a very observant disposition.Enough time to properly care for the number of […]

Eclectus Fact Sheet

Rosemary Low explains more about the Eclectus in her fact sheet… Scientific Name   Eclectus roratus Adult Length 31-37cm (12-14 ½ in) depending on sub-species Adult Weight  375-50g (13-19 ½ oz); solomonensis 350-425g. For everything you need for an Eclectus Parrot please click here. Expected Lifespan  Forty years Status in wild  Varies according to location. Populations on some Indonesian […]

Parrotlets Are Amazing

Rosemary Low tells us more about Parrotlets An email I received made me realise that more information on the lovely little Forpus Parrotlets would be welcome, now that small Parrots have overtaken large species as companions in the home. My correspondent wrote: “I have acquired a male Parrotlet of around six years old from a friend who had […]

Does My Parrot Need A Companion?

Rosemary Low tells us whether your Parrot needs a companion or not. A very common question is “I think my Parrot wants a companion. Is this a good idea?” Questions It is a difficult question to answer without knowing more about the circumstances. The person responding needs to have these answers: How old is your […]

Branches For Perching and Gnawing

Rosemary Low tells us about why perches are so important and advice on perching.  Perches are so important to Parrots – and yet frequently and even routinely neglected. Whenever I hear of someone building a new range of aviaries to add to their existing complex, I wonder if they have considered how they can regularly […]

Food For Thought – Good And Bad Foods For Parrots

Rosemary Low tells us about good and bad foods for Parrots. Fact or fiction? True or false? Statements about the foods we offer our birds often get passed on, whether or not they are substantiated. In the end they become accepted “truths”. But we need to think again!   Apple pips are harmful A typical […]