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How to Stop Your Parrot From Becoming Obese

Parrots kept in captivity can be at risk of becoming obese when given too much food and too little exercise. About It’s not rocket science, but this is a good solid fact for any owner to know. Parrots kept in captivity rely completely on us to keep them bright eyed and healthy, so they are […]

Socialising A Parrot With Family Members And Friends

Bucktons explain how to help your Parrot with socialising Pet birds, particularly Parrots, are extremely social creatures and given the right training, will enjoy being the life and soul of any party. Social Wellbeing Being out and about in the fresh air and meeting new people will greatly benefit the health and wellbeing of your […]

Back to Parrot School

Bucktons explain what to teach your Parrot at “Parrot School”.  As a Parrot owner you will know that these beautiful, intelligent birds can be very demanding, but also extremely rewarding. If you don’t give them enough attention and engagement, they can very quickly become isolated, lonely and bored. Bit like humans really! So it’s time […]

Winter Wellbeing For Pet Birds

Bucktons explain how to help your Parrot during winter. If you think you’re getting stressed by the forthcoming festive season you might not be the only one, spare a thought for your pet bird. Winter Visits A house full of strange relatives, alcohol fuelled frivolity, visits from carol singers and brightly coloured lights are enough […]

New Year And A New Start For Your Pet Bird

So it’s the start of another New Year and I am sure we’ve all made those New Year resolutions and promised that they’ll last longer than the end of January this time round! It’s important to start the year as you mean to go on and that same approach can be taken when it comes […]

Simple Tips For Looking After Your Parrot

Here are a few useful tips from Bucktons to help you look after your Parrot, particularly during the warmer summer months. Would you like to share any more tips? Tip 1 Make sure that the cage you have for your Parrot is as large as possible so that there is plenty of room for toys, […]

Benefits Of Owning a Pet Bird

Bucktons tell us the benefits of having a pet bird. Unless you’ve kept pet birds before, it’s difficult to imagine just how much they can bring to your life. If kept happy and healthy, these intelligent and beautiful companion birds will reward their owners in so many wonderful ways. Let’s take a look at just […]

Preparing For Your Holiday When You Have A Parrot

Off on holiday but unsure where to take your Parrot or take them with you? Bucktons have some advice for you. Here is how to prepare for a holiday when you have a Parrot. Prepare Your Parrot  Are you looking forward to your holiday in the sun this summer…who isn’t? As well as packing that […]

Your Parrot Questions For Television Vet Matt Brash

Do you have a question about Parrots you’ve always wanted answering? Perhaps you want to know what they should or shouldn’t be eating or their behaviour has changed and you want to know why. Questions We’re teaming up with Bucktons and their vet Matt Brash, who will answer all your Parrot questions. No question is too big […]