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Birdline Parrot Rescue

Published on Friday, 9th March 2018
Birdline Parrot Rescue
Phone: 0845 643 1785
Registered Charity Number: UK Reg Charity 1125030
Scottish Reg Charity SC043288

Established: 1992


Birdline Parrot Rescue is a charity which operates across the U.K. and re-homes hundreds of Parrots each year. They also work to raise standards in Parrot care through education at events and through resources such as the Birdline website.
The charity is run entirely on a voluntary basis and a dedicated team of people give their valuable time to enable birds to find a second chance of a loving home.
Many birds come into the charity in ill-health and each year the charity’s biggest cost is for vet care, ensuring birds get the support they need to live healthy and happy lives.
Funds are raised through a membership scheme, donations and events. They also charge a small admin fee to foster each bird. As Parrots live for such a long time, they remain the property of Birdline for life. This gives the much-needed reassurance that if a foster family’s circumstances change Birdline will step in to give support and if necessary re-home the bird once again. 
How and why did you get started?
Birdline Parrot-Rescue was founded in 1992, initially to rescue and care for birds in the Warwickshire area. Expansion soon became an urgent necessity, resulting in recruiting various people who specialised in all species of birds from Finches to Macaws.

A network of helpers and area co-ordinators, all of who work from their own homes, without payment, in order to provide a nationwide structure was quickly organised; thus permitting the organisation to offer a loving secure home to a wide variety of birds.

In the past years, Birdline has helped over 1500 birds to find new homes, Over the last year Birdline has had over 1,000,000 visits to their main web site, taken over 30,000 telephone calls for help and advice, and aided countless birds and pets that owners cannot look after, either on a short or long term basis.

They have assisted with behavioural problems, damaged and crippled birds, mutilated and neglected birds and have formed a strong liaison with many bird charities, including, police forces, zoos and other rescue organisations, not only in the UK but in many other countries around the world.
What birds / Parrots do you rescue rehome?
Birdline rescues and rehomes both aviary and companion birds from the tiniest finches and budgies to the very largest of Macaws.  The majority of birds are surrendered to the charity by owners who can no longer look after their pets. However, Birdline also assists with birds with behavioural problems, damaged, crippled, neglected and lost birds. They have formed a strong liaison with many bird charities, including, police forces, zoos and other rescue organisations, not only in the UK but in many other countries around the world.
How many staff/volunteers are involved?
Approx 40 volunteers
Can you give an example of a success story?
An African Grey came in as a mutilator. He was only one years old and plucked.
He was taken for x-rays and the vet found that the bird was suffering from arthritis.
With the right medication and care, he stopped mutilating and became fully feathered. He now lives a full and happy life with his fosterer.
What is your rehoming policy?
Due to the longevity of many Parrot species, it is Birdline’s policy to maintain ownership of the birds and to foster, rather than to adopt them into to new homes. In order to foster a Parrot from Birdline membership of the organisation must be maintained. Suitability to foster is assessed with an in-depth telephone interview and followed up with a home visit. The applicant must demonstrate experience and / or extensive research into Parrots and Parrot care.
How can people help/get involved?
If you’d like to foster a bird or become a safehouse you can sign up as a member through our website and put in an application for the bird that interests you.
Birdline is always in need of more volunteers to help the rescue and rehoming teams – manning the emergency phone line, undertaking rehoming interviews, home visits and support to the many safe-houses and foster-homes across the country.  In addition, the charity needs support with the day to day running of the organisation including with marketing and publicity, fundraising and grant development, finance, governance and legal support and being the public face of the organisation at events. 

Read about other charities and rescues here

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