Beaphar Care Plus Super Premium Food - Small Parakeet - 250g
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Beaphar Care Plus Super Premium Food - Small Parakeet - 250g Beaphar Bogena Beaphar Care Plus Super Premium Food - Small Parakeet - 250g

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Beaphar Care Plus Super Premium Food - Small Parakeet - 250g

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Super premium complete food for a healthy pet bird.

Last updated on 5th July 2020
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Small Parakeet (564230) - 5.50
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Made from ingredients which are more than 95% Organic and cold pressed into pellets for your bird to enjoy. The ingredients (over 25 of them) are not heated to ensure they retain the natural nutritional values.

The ` All-in-one' composition means that every pellet is nutritionally the same, providing you with peace of mind and assurance that your bird is eating the very best diet. Complete pelleted diets are also a great way to ensure that selective feeding is prevented.

A complete diet such as Beaphar Care+ for Small Parakeets offers better value as there is very little to no waste created, unlike with seed diets where shells and husk, plus unfavoured food is discarded.

Vegetables, fruits and pulse crops are naturally full of vitamins and minerals and all have been used to create these pellets. You and your bird will find NO chemical colourings or preservatives have been used in the creation of Beaphar Care+ for Small Parakeets.

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5 / 5
Good Product
5th October 2015
feathered friend
My Parrots: African Grey, Budgie, Cockatiel
I take in unwanted birds and I had a problem with a very overweight hen budgie , and an older retired breeding male budgie who developed constipation,birds were checked out by an avian vet, the vet suggested pellets but Ive never been a fan of pellets , I decided to try to convert these two birds to pellets , the male took to the pellets reasonably easy and his constipation went, since being on pellets he has not been constipated, he also looks very healthy since being on pellets , he still has seed but a reduced amount he also has fresh veg, sprouted seeds and cooked pulses. The female budgie has been harder to convert to pellets , I started by letting her eat seed first thing in the morning then I put the food pot of pellets in her cage , she was very stubborn and refused to eat them so I tried moving her pot of seed to a low down position in her cage and put the food pot of pellets with a little amount of seed in high up in the cage next to where she sits , she is now eating pellets and has lost some weight , she is now looking healthier and can now fly she still has more weight to lose ,before she was so fat she couldnt fly, she also eats fresh veg , sprouted seeds , pulses and some fruit . Its not easy converting seed eating birds to pellets it can take a long while , but if you can do it I would say its worth it
I recommend this product
Verified Review
Northern Parrots: Thank you for your detailed review and sharing the good advice for all Parrot owners.
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