African Grey Treats | Healthy And Fun Parrot Treats
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African Grey Treats

Tasty treats in yummy flavours and shapes for your African Grey

Show your African Grey the love by handing them our fruit, vegetable, seed or nut treats as a snack between mealtimes, as a reward for good behaviour or during training.

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We have treats from all the biggest brands and suppliers, so you’re sure to find the perfect treat for your African Grey right here. Some treats you can hang from their cage, whilst others are ready for you to place directly in your African Grey’s feeding dish. Some treats are individually packed, whilst others are as part of a multipack, letting you keep treats hidden away until they’re needed.

Treats are small and can easily be hidden in foraging toys for your clever Grey to locate. Foraging helps keep your African Grey mentally stimulated and encourages them to demonstrate the foraging behaviours they’d do naturally in the wild.

African Grey Treats come in lots of different flavours and shapes too, making mealtimes even more exciting for your Grey. There are circular treats, doughnut shaped treats and many more. They are inspiring to look at and eat and are well received by most African Greys.

There are fruity treats that provide your Grey with Vitamin C that helps boost their immune system. Jelly Cups come in a multitude of flavours and you can choose the one that most appeals to your Grey’s palate.

Vegetable based treats are a wholesome addition to your African Grey’s diet too and of course help maintain their overall wellbeing.

There are lots of different flavours of berries to appeal to all African Grey tastebuds. Berries contain important vitamins and minerals.

Tree nuts are adored by lots of Greys and they are one of the healthiest treats you can feed your African Grey, as they’re high in protein and fibre, which help your Grey to build strong bones and aid their digestive system.

Treats often combine your African Grey’s favourite foods, such as fruits and nuts, for double the goodness and double the taste.

Before they can eat the food you’ve lovingly prepared for them, you may need to prepare some of the African Grey Treats, ensuring your Grey can enjoy them in the best possible way.

Give your African Grey a delicious treat today. And remember, new treats are added regularly, so who knows what your Grey could be tucking into next.

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