African Grey Pellets | Tasty, Easy To Eat Complete Food
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African Grey Pellets

Complete food and pellets for your African Grey Parrot

We have pellets from all the major brands and suppliers, meaning you can find your African Grey’s preferred pellet.

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Pellets are a convenient way to offer your African Grey Parrot a nutritious meal. They come in a myriad of different colours and shapes to keep mealtimes fresh and exciting for your Grey.

The majority of pellets are available as a nutritionally complete food. This ensures your African Grey is receiving balanced amounts of nutrition in their daily diet.

The different blends have been carefully selected so that your Grey enjoys tucking in time after time. Very little waste is created with complete food and as they’re all 100% edible and therefore cleaning up after your African Grey has finished eating is a lot easier. Use the pellets as the base diet for your Grey then add other foods on top.

A good selection of the African Grey Pellets are made using Organic ingredients, guaranteeing an even healthier choice for your African Grey. It’s accepted quickly by most birds and contains natural colours and flavours like fruits and vegetables and have been baked to preserve their vitamin and mineral content.

Some pellets have been combined with other tasty ingredients such as berries and vegetables, which give your Grey even more nutrition and help them stay in tip-top condition. The rich flavours and ingredients are designed to appeal to your Grey’s beak.

Why not hide pellets in a foraging toy and see if your inquisitive African Grey can retrieve them? Foraging helps to keep their mind active and replicates their behaviour in the wild. Or your Grey can enjoy pellets as part of their main meal, as a snack between servings or as a reward for good behaviour.

Whatever your Grey enjoys, stock up on all your African Grey Pellets right here.

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