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Published on Monday, 7th November 2011
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Pretty Bird offer a full and complete range of specialised feeds for all birds from Budgies to large Macaws and Cockatoos.

Whether you prefer to use a seed based diet or a complete pelleted diet Pretty Bird can provide exactly what you are looking for.
The species specific formula meets the nutritional needs of each specific bird. You will also find plenty of fibre for proper digestion, and carbohydrates for daily energy needs as well as vitamins to enhance overall health and a stronger immune system.
If you are in the process of converting to a pelleted diet then simply add extra Pretty Bird Pellets from one of their pelleted diets. Gradually increase the amount of pellets whilst decreasing the amount of seed over a week or two.

Pretty Bird have developed a number of species specific complete pelleted diets including...
African Grey Special - a complete food for African Greys, Senegals and most Conures. 
Choose from a 3lb, 8lb or 20lb weight bag.

Hi Pro Special - a nutritionally complete pelleted diet suitable for most Cockatoos and Amazons.
Available in a 3lb and 20lb weight bag.


Hi Energy Special- which is suitable for Large Macaws and Golden Conures.
Available in a 3lb or 20lb weight bag.
Pretty Bird realise that many Parrot owners care for more than one bird. The cost and practicality of using different specific feeds can soon mount up. There is a solution...Pretty Bird Daily Select diets. Created with mixed bird collections in mind these nutritionally complete pellet diets are available in three nugget sizes.

Daily Select Small for Budgies, Cockatiels and Small Conures.

Available in a 2lb or 20lb bag.

Daily Select Medium for Amazons, African Greys, most Cockatoos and Senegals.

Available in a 3lb or 20lb weight bag.

Daily Select Large for Large Cockatoos and Macaws.
Available in an 8lb bag.

Daily Select Lite is for birds on a diet.

Eclectus Special has been designed for Eclectus birds.

Pretty Bird: Bringing out the best in your pet.

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