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A Scary Halloween Parrot Story Competition

Published on Tuesday, 16th October 2018
Filed under Competitions
Get your creative juices flowing by finishing off the story below. 

Make it as scary as possible, we're ready to be frightened. :)

Email the story to comps@northernparrots.com and you could be in with a chance of winning the top  prize of £50 to spend with us at Northern Parrots. Three runners up will receive Halloween toys and treats suitable for their bird. Don’t forget to include your name and contact details.

This competition closes on the 5th November 2018 and the winners will be contacted shortly afterwards.

*Participants must be 18 years or over. By sending us your story you consent to Northern Parrots using the story in digital or printed material in perpetuity.

Swoop the Cockatoo was soaring through the trees, searching for his branch so he could rest after a long day out foraging. He couldn’t wait to see his girlfriend Coco the African Grey and surprise her with his present.

Whilst out in the savannah he had found a gold ring and he was planning to use it to propose to her. They had been together for 5 years, shared a perch for 3 years and were even considering having a chick. He would do anything for her.

They had talked about getting engaged too, but Coco thought Swoop would never get around to it. But now he had the beautiful ring, tonight was the night.

The next day Coco and Swoop set off to celebrate their engagement with a picnic in the forest.

However after flying for half an hour they still hadn’t reached their favourite spot. They appeared to have gotten lost somewhere.

Swoop and Coco looked around. They had reached an unfamiliar part of the forest. The trees on three sides were a lot higher than they were used too and no sunlight could get through. On the fourth side was a cliff that towered into the sky, even further than the trees.

In various hollows in the cliff were small nests. Although no one was in them at the moment, the flattened branches indicated they have been lived in recently.

Swoop turned to Coco. “Any ideas where we are?”

Coco shook her head. “I think we should go back that way”. She indicated to her left. “Away from the cliffs.”

Suddenly they heard the distant flapping of wings. Then a bird flew down on them. 

He wasn’t a Macaw’s usual colour, even in the fading sunlight Swoop could see this Parrot was mostly black, and the only other colour on him was on his beak, which was white.

He was three times the size of a normal bird and towered over Swoop and Coco.

Then tens of other birds appeared behind him.

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